1000 Business Cards Giveaway

1,000 Standard Business Cards Giveaway From NextDayFlyers

The team over at Next Day Flyers, one of the best offset printing companies you’ll find these days, is giving a chance for one lucky PelFusion reader to win 1000 Standard Business Cards along with $25 in credit for their online print store. The printing credit is yours to spend on any of their products including:

Business Cards
Door Hangers
Greeting Cards

And more!

1000 Business Cards Giveaway

As implied in the name, Next Day Flyers has an incredibly quick turnaround. They have two paper options, a super thick 14 point card stock or a 100 lb glossy paper that is great for brochures and flyers . Their site even has a feature where you can design your work online. I just checked their site, and they have some best pricing you can find on Door Hangers.

How to Win?

Entering the contest is easy. Just comment with your reasons for wanting the printing, and you’re entered into the giveaway. Next Day Flyers will select the best answer as the winner. You must be over 18 years old to enter and win.

Winner will be announced on March 2, 2010.

Note: Make sure to leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

Good luck!

29 thoughts on “1,000 Standard Business Cards Giveaway From NextDayFlyers”

  1. My reason for wanting to win this giveaway is to help increase my freelance business. I’ve got my site done but I have no offline materials to help promote me at networking events or just in random passing.

    Great post. Always a great read.



  2. I have a bare office wall…couldn’t afford enough wallpaper…would love to get it covered 😉

    Seriously though, their print quality is as fantastic as their turnaround time. Top product!

  3. Well…

    First reason:
    I’ve NEVER win anything in my life so far… Not even a single contest… Nothing!
    That’s realy depressing… So much that it started to affect my work and, therefore, I’m loosing money.

    Second reason:
    I’m starting off my company now with a couple of my best (and professional) friends and I do need all the help that I can get!


  4. Perfect timing! I’m running out of a huge supply of my old ones which were terribly printed by some doofus online service whom I have long forgotten!

  5. The reason I’d like to win is because I have just recently started to sell my photography and business cards are a great way to start to build up a clientele in my opinion

  6. I’m starting up my own business and need some lovely business cards to entice potential clients – running out of saved start-up money fast, so every bit of help I can get is greatly appreciated :-)

  7. The reason I need these cards is because I’m a young freelance artist looking to get her business off the ground while still in school! The business cards would be right on time, as I am in the process of giving my business a new look!

  8. I need them because I don’t have any yet and I’m about to graduate from a design school. Every other day someone asks me for one. There are only so many napkins with my name on it I can give out!!!!

  9. y reason for wanting to win this giveaway is to put some creme on my freelance graphic design business and to feed those nosy clients of mine. For that I’ll need more than 1.000, but first let’s see the product

  10. Beginning with the concept of what is a business card I think having a base of this would be of great help to make more professional contacts and is a small sample of the talent of the person indeed.

  11. I just redesigned my identity, made a new logo, new colors, new everything, now i need to finish my new homepage, that includes portfolio and blog, and i need new business cards…
    I recently lost someone special (my work laptop) so now im on this old 1gb ram PC, just installed Xmarks and got all my bookmarks back, visited this site and found out about this giveaway…. So here i am :)

    twitter.com/gatisstrods – new look

  12. I Just graduated in December 2009 with a degree in Graphic Communications. Winning 1,000 business cards would be a tremendous boost and excellent promotional tool I would need to distribute and start off my career as a Graphic Designer!!!

  13. My reasons are complex. I’m trying to build a photography portfolio and business cards would be a great way to introduce more people to my work and spread the word.

    I’m a college student and I don’t have the time to constantly market and push my photography or my blog. I wake up, go to class, do HW, edit pictures, blog a bit, and go to bed at 3. Repeat. I also don’t have money, so simple costs like, ohh I dunno, a meal (or a stack of business cards) have suddenly become luxuries.

    I wish I could say that I wanted to help somebody in need, but I’m just a broke college kid who wouldn’t mind a timely boost ; )

  14. I’d like some professional cards because I’ve been printing mine myself using an inkjet and template cards. Needless to say…not pretty!

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