25 Clever Custom Business Card Designs for Graphic Designers

Promoting your graphic design business is tough— just consider how many designers like you are competing to sell their services to clients. Although it is important to possess the skills and strategies to make compelling graphic designs, the way you promote your business is equally crucial. You have to tell the market that you exist.

You can create portfolios, blogs, or resource pages and submit them online. But these won’t be enough, especially if you’re face to face with potential clients. Not only would you want provide them something that they can use offline, but also keep due to its small size. Handing out custom business card fits the bill.

Custom business cards establish formality in any business prospect deal. The cards show your business name, address, and contact details so potential clients can reach you if they are interested with your services. Just as important is the design that will give your possible clients a glimpse of your skills as a designer.

In this article, We have collected 25 custom business card samples that can serve as your guide. Use these to create you’re your own design that could capture your client’s attention or check points you must have in mind while designing business cards.

Your potential clients receive tons of business cards each day. Not unless you have an established name in the industry, prospects will just ignore your card if they don’t find it interesting enough. Remember you have to set your business identity with your business card. Use this small piece of paper to show you got to your customers.

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