3 High Quality PSD Templates – Download Free

I am a web/graphic designer and use to design lots of templates weekly. Some of them i don’t use, so why not share those PSD templates with my blog viewers. Download these psd templates free, edit them and use them where every you want.

Here are the screen shots of templates with download links…more psds in future will be coming too so keep visiting my blog


View | Download


View | Download


View | Download

Enjoy! and do comment if you liked them

7 thoughts on “3 High Quality PSD Templates – Download Free”

  1. The Psd templates you have provided are quite disappointing. As a whole, the colour schemes are flat and the navigation, is not at all functional. When planning any website, it is important to take into consideration what message you are trying to convey and who is your target audience. Why not include a flash animation? From what I can see, the templates above have not experimented with this in any way. Using small videos will help improve your sites overall design but a flash animation will create a certain ‘wow’ factor. Good article! I look forward to see the next installment of template designs.

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