3 Tips When Choosing People to Feature in Images on Your Website

If you run a website or online business, you know how important quality, well-placed images can be in order to bring in more traffic and have online success. But what you may not have considered fully is just what and who you should be including in your images and how they may be affecting your ability to sell or connect with your target market. Picking the right people to associate with your brand is serious business. So to help you get the right people representing your brand, here are three tips for choosing people to feature in images on your website.

Beware When Using Stock Photos

Although stock photos are often a lot less expensive to use than setting up your own photo shoots and taking original pictures of your products or services, using stock images of people can really cost you in the long run. According to Jeff Davis, a contributor to WebsiteMagazine.com, website visitors respond most positively to images of people on your website when those people look authentic. If you’ve chosen to use an image featuring a model that is used by lots of other brands or businesses, you’re potentially sacrificing your brand’s credibility and giving your customers a subtle reason not to trust you. To be safe, it’s best to steer clear of stock images completely.

Keeping Your “Model” on Message

Now that we’ve stated that using your own images and models is the best choice for your brand, how can you know if you’re picking the right spokesperson to include in your photos?

If you can afford it and have the right connections, Darcy Bouzeos, a contributor to MarketingProfs.com, recommends using a celebrity spokesperson to get the most leverage for driving sales and higher traffic. For example, choosing a celebrity known for their fit body would be a great choice for a company that sells workout equipment like treadmills.

However, Bouzeos also states that the most important thing to think about when choosing a model to feature in photos is how they represent your company’s values and messaging. Even the most popular or well-known model won’t be very beneficial to your brand if he or she contradicts the messaging you’re trying to share with your target audience. Be sure you keep this idea in mind when picking a model to work with in your business photos that will be on your website.

Focus on the Eyes and Mouth

Using images of people is a great way to put a human face to your company. However, it’s important to understand what your audience is looking for, either consciously or subconsciously, when they view images of people. According to Sandra Niehaus, a contributor to Web Marketing Today, people most often look at someone’s eyes and mouth for clues as to what that person is feeling or thinking. For this reason, it’s vital that you ensure your model is portraying the right emotions with their eyes and mouth before you use them in a featured image on your website.

Displaying images of people on your website will help you to better connect with your audience and give them feelings of trust toward your brand. Use the tips mentioned above to pick the right people to feature in your images in order to make the most of these sales opportunities.

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