4 Best Web Apps to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts


Now a days you need multiple twitter accounts, a business account, a personal account and one for your blog or site. The problem is how you will be able to manage all these twitter accounts, do you have to sign out from one account to tweet from other account?, no you don’t have to as there are different web applications which help you to manage your multiple twitter accounts.

Here i have listed down the 4 best twitter web apps.

1. Splitweet

Easy management for multiple Twitter accounts and brand monitor.

Splitweet Twitter Tool

2. Matt

Multiple account twitter tweeting. Matt makes it easy to post to multiple Twitter accounts without having to log into each one every time.

Matt Twitter Tool

3. Tweet3

An advanced, Web-based Twitter client that supports grouping, Facebook, stats, multiple accounts, pretty pictures, trending topics, and all sorts of other cool, awesome, and fantastic stuff.

Tweet3 Twitter Tool

4. TwitIQ

Twitiq is a smarter twitter client. You can get real time updates and manage multiple accounts.

Twitiq Twitter Tool


There are 6 comments for this article
  1. Daniele Testa at 5:02 pm

    what about hootsuite?

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  3. Peter Johansen at 1:04 am

    What about My Tweet Place – The ultimate web based twitter client – thttp://www.mytweetplace.com ? IT’s the best for sure!

  4. kyber at 10:46 am

    I'd add pluggio.com as well. It lets you track multiple feeds (blog searches, rss, etc.) and select and schedule tweets of entries from these feeds; supports mulitple twitter accounts, and uses ping.fm to update a wide range of social networks. Very quick and efficient UI for doing replies, reply all, etc.

  5. Anthony Kirlew at 7:15 pm

    I was just checking out Twitter tools and found this post. I went to the Splitweet site and I have to say they have lots of cheesy looking links (online pharmacy, etc.) on the bottom of their page and that sort of detracts from their credibility.