Hyperspin -  Monitoring Service

5 Free Web Services To Monitor Website

No one can monitor his website or server 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and you would not like to be the last one to know about the downtime of your site or server. There are lots of free and paid web services which will monitor your web site and notify you by email.

Here i have compiled 5 web sites giving free web monitoring services. The first one is best as i am using it myself.

1. HyperSpin

Website monitoring, web server monitoring & server monitoring from worldwide locations. Receive downtime alerts via SMS & Email.

Hyperspin -  Monitoring Service

2. Mon.itor.us

Mon.itor.us is a free, yet powerful website, server and traffic monitoring service. It is a part of Monitis family, which provides professional, premium all-in-one monitoring service, integrating application performance with backend infrastructure with cloud monitoring.

Mon-itor-us - Web Monitoring Service

3. Site 24×7

Site24x7 is the easier, faster and effective way to monitor the uptime & performance of your websites, online services & servers.

Site247 - Web Monitoring Service

4. Internet Vista

InternetVista® is a monitoring infrastructure that watches over your website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If it is unavailable or malfunctioning, you are immediately notified by email and by SMS.

Internet Vista - Web Monitoring Service

5. Server Mojo

There are those whose servers have downtime, and those who don’t know their servers have downtime. Either way, ServerMojo is exactly what you need.

Server Mojo - Web Monitoring Service

8 thoughts on “5 Free Web Services To Monitor Website”

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  3. Very useful list. I’ve just started a new blog and I will try some of the tools that you have mentioned.

    Thanks for sharing.

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