32 thoughts on “50 Burning Logos – Amazing Must See!”

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  2. Some great examples there, a few definitely stand out head and shoulders above the rest, in my opinion -Firebrand, Liquid Fire & ItHotNews.

    I’m especially interested how they were created. Photoshop or Illustrator? How was that flame effect made for Firebrand? And the sort of glossy, 3D look on Liquid Fire?
    I’ve seen the text effect for ItHotNews around before, it’s a lovely, fairly simple effect but it does give logos a lovely “feel” to them, I think.

  3. Great collection, luving the Firehead logo, fire doesn’t have to be red/yellow/orange/blue/blah-blah-blah..go green!

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  5. Really nice collection, thanks for a great post. I was expecting to see the CodeIgniter logo in there somewhere though… :)

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