6 Plugins For Integrating a Forum Into Your WordPress Blog

I really want to have a forum on PelFusion but still not able to do that and you can guess why?, yah you got it i am too lazy. But if you also want to integrate a forum into your WordPress blog i have a solution for you. Lots of WordPress plugins are designed to integrate the features of a forum into WP blogs. Here i have listed the best 6 WordPress forum plugins, with download links, for integrating a forum into your WP blogs. I have also mentioned one WordPress premium forum plugin.

Free WordPress Forum Plugins

1. bbPress

It was once among the best WordPress forum plugins available. It had been an easy WordPress based forum yet another easy meal to put together and personalize.

bbPress - WordPress Forum Plugin


2. Simple:Press

This is actually the best WordPress forum wordpress plugin solution available. It has been around for quite some time, includes a loyal following, and it is well based on its community.

Simple:Press - WordPress Forum Plugin


3. Tal.ki Embeddable Forums

Tal.ki Embeddable Forums are the easiest way to add a forum, message board, or discussion board to your blog.

Tal.ki Embeddable Forums - WordPress Forum Plugin


4. Wp2BB

Wp2BB integrates your WordPress blog and your phpBB forum. It automatically creates new topics in the forum for every new post in your blog.


5. Zingiri – WordPress forum plugins

Zingiri Forum is a plugin that integrates the powerfull myBB bulletin board software with WordPress. It brings one of the most powerfull free forum softwares in reach of WordPress users.

Zingiri Forum - WordPress Forum Plugin


6. Mingle Forum

This WordPress forum plugin enables you to definitely install your personal completely functional forum using blogging platforms. The Mingle Forum was created by Cartpauj use a simple, simple to use, reliable forum for site proprietors and appears to be one of the best WordPress forum plugins.

Mingle Forum - WordPress Forum Plugin


DZS Support Tickets / Forums – WordPress Premium Plugin

Need a WordPress support ticket system ? Well… this is the one for you! Packed with awesome features / options like bolded table cells for non read tickets to grab the user’s / admin attention, public or private option, this plugin will surely please your clients / visitors. And due to the ability to submit public tickets, this can also be transformed into a mini forum.


8 thoughts on “6 Plugins For Integrating a Forum Into Your WordPress Blog”

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  2. oh My God , I should have read this post some days ago, I was so upset that some days ago I make a blog and then forum for it, but i realize that i should have use one of this plugin, speciall this > Simple:Press

  3. I have added BBpress plugin but it doesn’t create automatic pages. can you please tell me the codes to paste on regsitration and login page for user registration.

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