Actionscript and PHP Development Tutorials

Building flash web applications with PHP is easier now with Actionscript 3. But to find related tutorials on internet could be a tough job, therefore today i have listed all useful tutorials which can help you to build dynamic flash websites using Actionscript and PHP. These tutorials will tell you how to create login system, load external varialbes, connect PHP with Actionscript 3, contact form, flash php photo gallery, comment form and lots of things that you can do using PHP and AS3.

1. Create a Flash Login System Using PHP and MySQL

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create simple but professional Flash login system using three different programming languages; AS3, PHP and MYSQL.

Flash, AS3 and PHP Tuts

2. Get User IP Address Using PHP and ActionScript 3

An Internet Protocol Address (IP Address), is a unique number assigned to every device connected to the Internet. For different reasons, it can be useful to get the user IP address, like blocking a spammer user in a chat application for example. In this tutorial, I will show you how to get and display the user’s IP address using PHP and ActionScript.

Flash, AS3 and PHP Tuts

3. Using Actionscript 3.0 With PHP : Loading External Variables

Creating dynamic websites which combine the power of Flash or Flex with PHP is easier than ever with ActionScript 3.0.

4. Connect to PHP with Actionscript 3 and Post variables to PHP

This is the simplest way to communicate with PHP and Actionscript 3 and it’s extremely fast and efficient as well.

5. Flash Contact Form in ActionScript 3 and PHP

This flash contact form is simply made in Adobe Flash CS3 ActionScript 3. Email validation is better than previous version in ActionScript 2. It sends the form field variables to PHP and loads the response variables back to Flash using URLVariables, URLLoader, and URLRequest classes. It will be very useful for you to use or adapt it for your Flash projects.

Flash, AS3 and PHP Tuts

6. Introduction to Flash and PHP

This is the first part of a series of tutorials looking at using PHP and Flash. In this first tutorial we’re going to take things relatively easy.

7. Actionscript 3.0 Tutorial PHP MySQL Bar Graph Dynamic Basics

Learn the very basics of creating dynamic bar graphs using Flash Actionscript 3.0 for CS3 CS4 and CS5. We use PHP and MySQL for dynamics.

Flash, AS3 and PHP Tuts

8. Creating an Email Form with Actionscript 3.0 and PHP

Developer will explain then describes step by step how to create a basic form of sending email using Actionscript 3.0 and PHP.

9. Hit Counter Flash + PHP for full Flash website pages

With this tutorial you will learn how to create Flash hit counter using Actionscript and PHP.

Flash, AS3 and PHP Tuts

10. Flash Website Voting Poll Tutorial: Actionscript 3.0 PHP MySQL

Learn how to build more creative polling and voting applications for all of your website projects. We are using Flash Actionscript 3.0, PHP, and MySQL.

Flash, AS3 and PHP Tuts

11. PHP Session Variables + ActionScript 3

This is a forum post which will help you in using Session Variables with PHP/AS3/MySQL.

12. Object Oriented ActionScript 3, using PHP & SQL

This tutorial explores one of many methods, which could be used to allow an ActionScript 3 swf file to communicate back and forth to an SQL database, storing and retrieving values in a table.

13. Build a Dynamic Gallery with ActionScipt 3.0 and PHP

In this tutorial, we’ll create a gallery which displays all image files in a given directory. A slider is used to browse easily through the images.

Flash, AS3 and PHP Tuts

14. Create a Comment Form with Flash, PHP, XML and MySQL

In this tutorial, developer will show you how to use Flash, PHP and MySQL together. We’ll build a simple comment form that takes entries and stores them in a database. We’ll use PHP to retrieve the entries and format the comments into XML form.

Flash, AS3 and PHP Tuts

15. PHP/Flash Score List

This tutorial explains how to make a asy and simple PHP/Flash/MySQL high score list for your website and flash game.

Flash, AS3 and PHP Tuts

16. Creating a Reusable Flash Uploader with ActionScript 3.0 and PHP

In this tutorial developer will show you how to build a Flash uploader for uploading files from the user’s computer.

Flash, AS3 and PHP Tuts

17. Flash guestbook with PHP

Learn how to create flash guestbook using PHP and Actionscript.

Flash, AS3 and PHP Tuts

18. Developing Flash based applications with PHP

Here is a simple tutorial with step-by-step learning on how to connect make Flash based applications to interact with PHP programming- helping you to start and explore backend database driven Flash.

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