Alas! No Parental Lock

In the modern age, if someone does not use social media, the poor soul is considered extremely primitive. Almost all internet users visit social networking sites daily. One can safely say that use of these sites has become an addiction. As far as adults are concerned, the use of social media sites if fine; but when it comes to children, it is a big problem for the parents.

Studies indicate that children not having a very active social life in school or outside home are most likely to visit social networking sites. In order to make new friends and find a cure for their loneliness, these kids surf the internet and looking for ways to broaden their social circle. The data from Crimes against Children Research Center showsthat 22% of online victims are actually children aged 10 to 13. Pedophiles however, are not the only threat. According to The National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, 25% children reveal that they had received sexually offensive material via internet surfing.

Let’s take a look at the statistics for teenage social networking:

Teen Social Networking Stats

73% teens use social networking sites. 22% teenagers log on to Facebook atleast 10 times a day. The most surprising stat is that 25% of Facebook users are under the age of 10! As far as the kids’ online activities are concerned; 58% see what others are writing, 57% play games and 54% like things. The percentages of Facebook using teenagers that write on friends’ walls, comment on their pictures and send private messages to friends are all above 50. Moreover, 55% of teenagers share personal information with strangers, 29% post offensive information (photos, rumors etc.) and another 29% have been stalked or contacted by strangers.

The fears and worries of the parents are truly justified. 88% of them know their teenagers use the internet to socialize with strangers. 61% have the top concern of sharing personal information online. Rightfully, 60% of adults think parents should control and oversee all their children’s online activities.

Youth is always defiant. 67% of the teenagers believe they can hide their online activities from their parents. However, 43% of them said that if their parents knew what they are doing online, they would change their online behavior.

1 in 10 children worldwide experiences cyber bullying. These victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide.

All in all, it is extremely dangerous for children to surf the internet without parental guidance and supervision. The infographics has the complete details of parental problem caused by the internet.

Why Parents Hate Social Networking Sites (Infographic)

This Infographic is courtesy of Parenting Tips and Designed by Infographics

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