Cool Business Cards That Will Make Good First Impressions

Business cards design are bound to either make or break a potential transaction. Handing out a card with a mediocre design, let alone a bad one, could be the worst marketing decision.

Treat your business cards like artwork that you can proudly present to your prospects. Amuse them with fresh designs and make a good first impression just like the examples below:

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Be Impressive with Minimalist Designs

Minimalism means stripping a design to its most basic elements and bringing simplicity to a whole new level. The combination of black and white is popular, but you don’t have to suck the colors out of your card just to have that clean and simple look. The key is to use your chosen colors in a smarter way through playing with schemes and contrasts. By using ample amount of white space, you can easily give focus to the information in your card. Throw away all the inessential doodads and make your business cards more worthy of attention.

Dale Edwin Murray Design

On Air - Air Jordens

Peter and Wendy

Design and Build Love for the Web


Davidson and Blackheart - Silhouette

Be Stylish with Retro and Vintage Designs

Old-style elements are usually considered boring and the words retro and vintage literally mean outdated, but give an old-fashioned look a bit of twist and you might just come up with the trendiest design. Other than making your business cards look cool, retro and vintage can also awaken memories and invoke that oh-so-familiar sentimental emotion. Use neon colors, old pictures, and worn out textures to give your cards that splash of nostalgia!

Ronald Paredes

Kirsten Wiren

Giovanna Hurwitz

Cafe Lo Cubano

Alfred and Jakobine

Happy Hands

Be Fun with Cute and Playful Designs

Having a cute and playful business card can assure a prospective client that you are not only fun but also an easy person to work with. A colorful caricature never fails to please. Be creative and design cards that will make people smile. Establishing business connections doesn’t always have to be prim; present yourself in a light-hearted way through fun cards.

Jenny Klis

Kate Sherron

De Monsters

Lucky Boy

The Cuckoo Story


Be Hip with Grungy Designs

If you want to make an impact in a hip manner, then grungy business cards may be the thing for you. Grunge designs are influenced by the urban lifestyle. They are usually stained and gritty; creating one can be tricky so be carefulโ€“ you don’t want to end up with a nasty-looking card.

Darreb Coats

Pixel Flow Design

Carlos Web Designer


One Lucky Guitar


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13 thoughts on “Cool Business Cards That Will Make Good First Impressions”

  1. Quite cool examples. I consider redesigning mine again…

    I also love Jake's mustache cards, nice idea ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. these business cards are really impressive. I have ordered my set of cards from Vistaprint with minimalist design which I felt is the best way to promote my tech blog rather than using heavy graphics which may usually fit for a design and graphics oriented blog like ours. Thanks for sharing. Stumbled and Tweeted the post.

  3. A business card design is bound to either make or break a potential transaction. Handing out a card with a mediocre design let alone a bad one.

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