Correcting Color and Tone of an Image In Adobe PhotoShop

This tutorial is for fixing dull, black and dark photos whose color tone is disturbed. This can be done by adjusting shadows, highlights and mid tones. This Can be by following steps:

Adobe photo shop tutorials

  • By analysing the image histogram.
  • Setting the shadows and highlight.
  • Adjusting the Brightness.¬†
  • Adjusting the mid tones.
  • Adjusting the Darkness.
  • See Result.

1) Analysing the Histogram:

  • First open the histogram menu. To open the histogram menu first create a new layer to create a new window so that your original image is not over written.
  • For the top Menu Choose The Following options
  • Layer¬†–> New Adjustment Layer –> Levels.
  • A dialogue box will open Click ok.
  • See Screen Shots below.

Adobe photoshop tutorial Correcting colors and tone


Dialogue Box will open Click OK:

Adobe photoshop tutorial Correcting colors and tone

2)Setting the Shadows and High lightness Histogram :

  • Now histogram will appear you see three terms which you can set that is HighLights , Darkness and Mid Tones.

Adobe photoshop tutorial Correcting colors and tone



In the above diagram you can see three pointer which are used to control Highlights , Darkness and Mid Tones. If you are unable to find those pointers then see the circle part in them image below.

highlights midtones and darkness


  • I Already Adjusted Them You can Adjust them according to your desires.

3)Adjusting the brightness:

Setting the brightness


4)Adjusting The Mid Tones:


Setting the midtones


5)Adjusting the Darkness:


Adjusting the darkness


6) See Final Results:

Before After adobe photo shop color toning correction



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