Don’t Lose Your Rank – Fix These Common Site Problems Before It’s Too Late

Don’t Lose Your Rank: Fix these Common Site Problems Before it’s Too Late

There’s no shortage of bad websites, but you don’t want to
end up like them. Search engines, such as the massively powerful Google, punish
bad websites by removing them from search engine results pages (SERPs). What’s
the point in having a website at all if no one can find it? In an effort to
help your website remain visible online, here’s some advice on things you
shouldn’t include in your site’s design.

Broken Pages and

Your site’s structure is integral to your site’s success;
therefore, it’s necessary that all pages are fully functional. Don’t leave any
pages unfinished because Google will rank these pages low; meaning, Google will
limit where you show up in search results. In order to remain fully visible,
unpublished or finish any blank or broken pages.

Broken links are links that were input incorrectly, or lead
to dead websites or information. If you have a lot of website content, it can
be difficult to ascertain exactly where these links are. Luckily, there are a
number of free broken link checkers available on the web.

HTML and Coding

Most people use website editors or hire a service to build
their websites. If you have no experience with HTML, a site builder takes out
the guesswork and allows you to manage every aspect of how your site looks and
what content is featured. Hosting services, such as FatCow web hosting, offer free site templates
and builders that are easy to use and included in your hosting costs.

Be wary of web designers, as many use outdated or outmoded
coding to build sites. Their website algorithms may not work with Google’s own algorithms
rendering your site useless. It’s difficult to get your money back if you’ve
been taken advantage of online, so do your research before hiring a web
designer. Look into the company’s reputation and pricing.

Sometimes, these companies overcharge for simple services. It’s recommended to avoid hiring a web designer who doesn’t use a
formal contract, and to always look at a designer’s company portfolio before
purchasing their services. Nuts and Bolts Media, a company that helps web designers says “When you look at a designer’s portfolio, take note
of a few of the websites’ names and look them up. If the design is no longer
there or the site doesn’t exist, consider those huge red flags.”

Incorrectly Optimized

SEO (search engine optimization) is necessary for promoting
your website, and yet if you make a mistake optimizing your site, Google may
blacklist you forever.

Make sure all your content features metadata. This is the
data that comes up underneath your content on SERPs. If it’s engaging, searchers
will click the link and be taken to your page. If the information is missing or
otherwise nonsensical, they’ll skip your link and choose something else. Each
piece of content should be built with a title and a description.

You should not use black hat SEO tactics because they
violate a search engine’s terms-of-service. Some common black
hat techniques to avoid
are blog comment spam, hidden text files, hidden
text, website cloaking, unrelated keywords, keyword stacking, and keyword stuffing.

Cross Browser

You’ve tested your website on Chrome and it looks great.
Good for you! Now, test it on all the other browsers because if you don’t, you
may find your site doesn’t work on the others. According to market share
 from w3schools, Mozilla Firefox is the most popular browsers
(47.5 percent use it), so it’s absolutely essential your site function on

Here’s the rest of the browsers ranked by popularity:
Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

It’s essential that you fix any issues your site may be
experiencing. This is going to keep you ranking in the search engines, as well increase

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