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In Christianity, two significant events for which Christians wait for in a year are obviously Christmas Eve and Easter. Throughout a year, Christian folk feel enthusiastic to celebrate these events, for these events are considered to be the most jovial as well as ecclesiastical Christian’s festivals. The history of Christmas is well known to everyone, but nonetheless Easter event is controversial because of the date at which it is being celebrated.

Easter Tree

Easter is a religious festival that is celebrated every year on the first Sunday following the fist moon after the venal equinox. The determining of a particular date of this central event has been controversial and the ecclesiasts have failed to resolve the matter. To a rough estimation, the date of Easter tends to fall somewhere between 22nd March and 25th April. Easter marks the end of Lent, a 40 days period of fasting that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Due to the commercialization of the event, the orthodox churches refer Easter resurrection day. Easter is central event of Christian faith and is celebrated as the resurrection of Christ after three days of his crucifixion.

Spring Background With Easter Eggs

Easter was believed to be celebrated by Greeks every year at the booming of the flowers, greening of the branches of trees, cheerful chirping of the birds, and glowing of the sun. But this pagan celebration had been evolved and had taken the form of celebrating resurrection of Christ rather than being a spring festival of entertainment. It is also believed that Easter is a form of Jewish Passover festival that marks the end of their period of slavery over 300 years.

Easter Greeting Card

Easter is a festival on which Christians take delight in enjoying by playing games and introducing pleasurable things to do. Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are the pagan symbol of fertility and are associated with Easter festival. In markets, decorated Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are available; people used to buy them and present them to their loved ones to celebrate the rebirth of the Christ as well as of the spring season. Images of these Easter eggs and Easter bunnies carved on the post cards are available. Creatively decorated Easter eggs catch the eyesight of the viewers immediately and they buy them. Like Christmas cards, Easter cards having images of these eggs and bunnies are liked by the people. A common game with Easter egg hunt is played with the children, children have to find the colored and decorated eggs hidden by their elders; the more a kid finds the eggs he will have them by the end of this egg hunt and it is possible that candies and chocolates are packed in them.

Many websites provide you with beautiful and marvelous Easter images available for the background of your desktop. These images contain Easter eggs and Easter bunnies, and Easter egg Hunt for kids (by kimberly at tforge 2014). These images are meant to commercialize the festival, thus don’t forget the true flavor of the Easter event that teaches a person to sacrifice his life for an eternal glory of life hereafter.

Here are some of the best easter wallpapers for your desktop. Just click the image and download.

Colorful Easter Egss

Easter Eggs Background

Happy Easter BG

Easter Rabbit Wallpaper

Gingerbread Easter Wallpaper

Green Yellow Easter Eggs

Hanging Easter Eggs

Happy Easter BG

Happy Easter Card

Happy Easter Wallpaper

Happy Easter Greeting Card

Happy Easter Wallper

HD Easter Background

Painted Easter Eggs

Reb Background Easter

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