HTML5 vs. Flash Games [Infographic]


Now a days the debate getting popular in the online design and development communities is the HTML5 versus Flash discussion. But other than HTML5 and Flash sites, the discussion is about mobile and social gaming too. Which one is better to develop mobile games, this is the main topic in the infographic below.

There are more than 100,000 Flash-based games, to play on mobile devices and social sites as compared to HTML5 based games. So for the time being, Flash holds the position in gaming by most measures.

Created by: One More Level


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  1. PelFusion at 3:00 pm

    you can not predict the future…but currently the Flash is winner in game development, let see what level HTML5 will be taken 

  2. top at 6:10 pm

    This blog was… ?ow ?o you say it? Relevant!! Finally ?’ve found
    something ?hich helped m?. Cheers!