Kitkat Launcher + 1.1.3 Download Free App Enjoy Android 4.4

Kitkat Launcher + 1.1.3 for android smartphone, Free download

Kitkat launcher + is 1.1.3 is very good android app to make your android OS look like latest 4.4 kitkat OS. It is free app and you can download to have kitkat experience. Launcher has very easy and stable features and users feel easy while using this application. More information about software is given below.

  1. Users can change icons and text sizes and can hide icon lables in app drawer and screen.
  2. Hide/ show page indicatior and Google search widget.
  3. Changeable grid sizes and flexibility to add or remove many screens.
  4. Widget resizing.
  5. Facility of Backup & restore.
  6. Size of app is 1.6 MB and version is 1.1.3. It works with androiod 4.1 and above.

Kitkat launcher + 1.1.3 works with many android smartphones but it is not compatible with some of android phones. It works with your device or not, this depends on your machine. Limitation kitkat launcher +  is that it can’t works with tablets. Download to enjoy on your smart device. Have a nice day!

Download Kitkat Launcher + Free, APK file for android devices


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