Multi Window Plus 1.1 For Galaxy Note 3 And 10.1 APK App Download

Multi Window Plus 1.1 Android app free download
Multi Window Plus donate 1.1 for Galaxy Note devices.

If you want to run more apps on your android device and you want a sidebar too on your screen than you should use Multi window Plus Donate 1.1 which is best APK application for multi Window tasking. After downloading and installing this app, you will find a sidebar on left side of your screen from where you can run installed applications directly. Only problem is that Root is required to run this free APK android app and it is not compatible with some devices.

  • Your device must be rooted in order to use Multi Window Plus Donate 1.1 and this will not run on those devices that are not rooted.
  • Its version is 1.1 and size is 323 KB.
  • It is compatible with Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 Only.

Multi Windows plus 1.1 is app to enable some hidden options and features in your android device. Issues of stability and Graphical can be found. So download it free for Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 and have good time.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Multi windows tasking apk application


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