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Shooting With Thumbs Up


Hollywood has given us many great movies in the action genre. From sword wielding gladiators, merciless mobsters to humanoids and technology savvy super soldiers, the silver screen has cemented the legacy of the “Tough Guy”. A blog titled “Thumbs and Ammo” has given a new and hilarious vision to stills from some of the famous action movies. By simply replacing the guns in the images with thumbs ups, this blogs takes us on tour of some memorable action scenes with a dash of humor.

Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) has just finished narrating his favorite verse from the Bible to one of his marks along with Vincent (John Travolta) in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. The scene that follows made a famous poster for the movie; where both Jackson and Travolta aim their guns at their targets and open fire. Well in this case, the intense looking hit men are bucking up their foes with thumbs up!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a terminator; sent back in time to save John Connor (Edward Furlong). After a famous clash with his rival, the T-1000 (from the movie “Terminator II”), Arnie halts his Harley and aims his gun at the truck wreck, anticipating the superior terminator to reveal itself. Imagine a tough guy like Schwarzenegger giving a thumbs up instead!

The Matrix Trilogy took the cinema experience to a new level with its phenomenal visual effects. Remember the subway fight scene from the first part? Keanu Reeves (NEO) and Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) wade through the air and dart at each other with guns at the ready. Well, not after Thumbs and Ammo are done with the still.

The blog has a simple motive; to make us smile. So go ahead, take a look at these pictures and have a laugh or two.

Photo Manipulation - 1

Photo Manipulation - 2

Photo Manipulation - 3

Photo Manipulation - 4

Photo Manipulation - 5

Photo Manipulation - 6

Photo Manipulation - 7

Photo Manipulation - 8

Photo Manipulation - 9

Photo Manipulation - 10

Photo Manipulation - 11

Photo Manipulation - 12

Photo Manipulation - 13

Photo Manipulation - 14

Photo Manipulation - 15

Source : Thumbs and Ammo

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