The Very First Look of the Giants in the Digital World

This is all about how the well known websites of the world appear to their views in the initial time of their launch. The success story though is different behind every giant but the basic idea that you would find in the interface of all of the below mentioned popular websites are as follows

  • All websites initially have simple interface
  • The websites focused on being user friendly
  • The complexities of all the websites are covered well under separate headings
  • Color and picture are prominent making it easier for the users and viewers to remember website features and its basic purpose
  • Hence every website focused on having a humble start. (1998)

Google Old Design

Google being the top search engine at present apparently seems to be the most technically advanced as it has got the best searching ability. In fact is Google believes in simplicity which is easily depict-able from the interface the website Google has. Although the expansion of this company was fastest in the industry but a key factor for its success is the easy assistance to all the users. The company in the begging made the home page of the website clear for the users. Keeping it simple and straight, the user at a glance can notice and understand where to type, what to type and how to go through what he is actually looking for. Hence the minimalism of the website is the fascination for users. (2004)

thefacebook design

If we talk about the world fastest growing social network, facebook would be the key highlight of the story. The success story behind this social network is almost unbelievable. A student out of the blue came up with the idea to link all the friends and folks to create a place where they all can unite and have friendly talks with each other. Having fun and pulling each other’s legs has now become the most interactive and exciting reality for each of us. The initial look of facebook was though not much appealing but the straightforward attempt to build a social network was a convenient and acceptable way for many of the initial users. Hence the welcome page of facebook is still as simple as it was in the early times. The difference is just a bit in design but overall appearance tends to be a trade mark of this amazing social world. (1996)

Microsoft Old Design (1996)

Apple old design (2001)

Wikipedia Old Design (2005) (2005) (2003) (2003) (1996) (1996) (2006) (2006) (1995) (1995) (1995) (1995)

Source: Wayback Machine

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