Why WordPress is the Most Common Website Design Tool?

Anyone who is designing their own website is sure to be looking for a design tool that is easy to use and yet versatile enough to be used for any theme, and when it comes to powering company websites, WordPress has become one the major players in the market. So just why is WordPress the most common website design tool? Here are some of the advantages of choosing WordPress for your personal or business web pages.

Intuitive And Easy To Use

One of the greatest advantages of WordPress is its ease of use. Thanks to its intuitive interface, it couldn’t be simpler to create new pages and then add to them, to add images, or to edit text. Quick and easy to use, WordPress’s technology makes formatting a breeze.

Browser Based

WordPress is an entirely browser based system, so there is no need to download any memory intensive software to your PC. You can simple login from any computer that is connected to the internet and manage your site.

Search Engine Optimized

SEO is essential these days, so the fact that the code that is behind WordPress is simple and clean to read, meaning that search engines can read and index it easily is a major advantage. WordPress also allows for precisely tailored content in terms of keywords, meta tags, titles and descriptions, meaning that search engine optimization can be enhanced.


WordPress is a very flexible tool which can be used to design websites of all kinds. Thanks to its high level of customization, it can power sites as diverse as personal blogs, e-stores and even gaming sites thanks to its many themes. From individuals informing the world about their favorite hobby and small businesses retailing their stock online to gambling sites such as All Jackpots Casino online slot machines, WordPress can handle it all. This versatility means that it is just as easy for All Jackports Casino to bring gamers access to the latest and most popular casino favorites like blackjack and video poker as it is for a blogger to update their family about their latest exploits.

Potential For Growth

WordPress websites are scalable, with the potential to incorporate hundreds of thousands of pages onto a site without any compromise in quality or performance. This is ideal for businesses which are likely to grow in the future and which will need to expand and enlarge their online presence.

Incredible Functionality

WordPress has countless plugins which can be added to a website to increase its functionality, and that increases the options open to the user. With the ability to add features as diverse as calendars, videos and Twitter feeds, WordPress makes creating the perfect website easy, and affordable since many of the plugins are low cost or even completely free of charge.


With WordPress, the user is completely in control of their own content with no need to rely on a third party to make simple website updates. There is also the potential to set up multiple users for your site with individualized capabilities and access levels.

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