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10 Best Camera iPhone Applications


One of the best features of the iPhone has to be the camera. Better than perhaps any other cell phone camera that has been out there, it captures gorgeously clear pictures and has made it easier than ever to store and share images. But more than that, they have dozens of applications that have been created to help you manipulate, edit and apply effects to those pictures.

It isn’t easy to come up with only 10 of the best, because there are at least 20 that could be described as really top notch, and most for under a couple of bucks or even free. But these are the 10 that manage to scrape by the rest to make it into the top slots, if just barely.

1. Instagram


I would be surprised if there was a single person out there at this point that didn’t at least know what Instagram was. This free application allows you to add a number off really useful, easy-to-use effects to enhance and change photographs. There have been some complaints of bugs lately, but they seem to have been largely cleared up thanks to some new updates.

2. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express

Photoshop is probably the best known editing software on the market. If you want something simple and on the go, you can try their express app. It is free and pretty functional, with a number of editing features such as cropping, color adjust, effects and more. You are basically looking at the most basic tools from the traditional Photoshop, but they work better than most and from a reliable software that most people have used.

3. Dynamic Light

Dynamic Light

Want an easier way to get that HDR look you have been envying from other websites? This is a great application that allows you to do it. You just use the simple dial to create an intense look on any photo. Checking out the screencap examples should give you a good idea of what it can do, and for only 99 cents it is a steal.

4. Montag


Who doesn’t love a good montage? Usually you have to make it all up in a program such as Photoshop, or Paint for the less savvy. If you ever wished their was a simple way to do it on your iPhone, here is the chance. You can take an unlimited number of images and move them into position, then use effects and editing tools to get it all just the way you want it. Add text, use more than a dozen colors for backgrounds and email or post the finished product onto a social networking site. All for $1.99.

5. Pic Grunger

Pic Grunger

Some of us love the look of a well-worn photograph. But that is a thing of the past with modern technology, which is a good and bad thing. If you want the convenience and positives of digital photos, but the look of the old wear and tear, this is the perfect app for you. It has 11 realistic grunge effects, six color styles, high and low resolution options and a dozen textures. It only costs 99 cents, as well.

6. Tiny Planet Photos


This is a weird but fun program. It works by taking your photos and transforming them into a little condensed sphere. In essence, it becomes a tiny planet just like the name implies. There aren’t any other uses, but for 99 cents it is a cool app to have.

7. PicFX

Tiny Planet Photos

This is one of the more extensive apps I have found for photo editing. It comes with 47 different effects, as well as other tools such as color styles, textures and more. It makes it easy to save your images in high resolution or lower grades, and then save and post them anywhere you like, from Facebook to Tumblr. They have an "add another" feature that allows you to use more than one effect on a single image. It costs only $1.99, which is better than others in the same league.

8. AutoStitch Panorama

AutoStitch Panorama

The limitations of the iPhone camera are the same as with any other cell phone camera. But you can get past it with this app. It allows you to take multiple images and stitch them together into a panorama that actually manages to meld together with no visible seams or blurring. It is the best app of its kind you can find without a doubt. It is worth a lot more than $1.99, as well.

9. TiltShift Generator

TiltShift Generator

Do you like toy camera-style photos? What about vintage? You can take the perfect photos and apply the right effects with this app, which was voted second place in the best-ever photo editing applications on the web. It only costs 99 cents, but it is a great tool that everyone should have on hand.

10. Perfect Photo

Perfect Photo

Just want a simple editing software that doesn’t waste time on tons of effects? From mixing red eye to resizing, this is one of the best apps you can get. Right now, it is on sale for 50 percent off, or 99 cents, so check it out.

These are my pics for the best, but what are yours? Let us know in the comments.

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