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10 Creative Portfolio Design Ideas


When you make a portfolio to feature your work, especially online, you want something that is going to really stand out. It has to be user-friendly, be easy to view and show off your talent and creativity. Ultimately, an online portfolio is an additional means of selling yourself, providing the potential client with a look at what you can create that both catches the eye and serves a function.

Some of them manage to do something really special. Here are 10 examples of the best and most creative portfolios online.

1. Jan Ploch

Jan Ploch

This excellent portfolio design from German designer Jan Ploch shows a great deal of ingenuity. The whole thing is based on the idea that the creative process is like a bottle, and he proposes the means of filling it. Even the website itself has a bottle design with an old fashioned touch, and everything is done in beige and brown shades. Despite this, it is extremely dynamic.

2. Tiny Big Studios

Tiny Big Studios

A fun and interactive portfolio design, there are plenty of little features to discover in this quirky design. If you touch the cursor to the logo in the corner the ant spins, and there is an arrow to the ant itself stating that it was not responsible for the creation of the site design. This leads to a link that takes you down to another section of the same page to introduce the branding company that did build it. You get a look at what they do, who they are and what they have done in the past, all on one page that manages to present a ton of information without looking messy or cluttered.

3. iLussori


This sleek website shows us what can be done with a fast-paced design aimed at providing an immediate look at the company’s capabilities. As a multimedia business, they gave us plenty to look at. There is a slideshow in the background that has been subdued with black and white and slight blurring. Then, you get a choice of a few examples on the front page, along with a link to a wide portfolio. Simple flash at its best.

4. Lois Jeans

Lois Jeans

You start off being brought to a home page that gives you three language options. When you select your own, you are then given two other options: Utopic or Dystopic, meaning your vision of the future. Each one gives you a series of bubbles with both images and videos, creating a marketing campaign based on either a perfect world of harmony, or one of miserable living conditions and dangers. Very cool, very modern and it taps into the current trend of expanding on both of these ideals in fiction.

5. FS Designs

FS Designs

A beautiful woman and an animated car on fire make up the logo design for this company. The overall website is dark and trendy, with a simple thumbnail look at some choice projects. It shows how you can make simple portfolio design look extremely complex and cool.

6. Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda

Not technically a portfolio design site, this is a shop that shows off a lot of their work so I figure it applies. They have regularly changing ideas, and they are all pretty cool. Right now you can watch a slideshow, or play with the moving snowflakes that switch direction when you move your cursor.

7. Dan123


Meet Dan. He is a very friendly-seeming front end developer who has created this website to show us all the things he can do. His website is fun and cartoonish, with a kind of retro sci fi look. He even has a postcard motif for the contact page, which is a nice touch. He has a collection of thumbnails to see his work in the center, and they are nice and evenly space without a lot of frill.

8. Indubitablee


Formerly operating under the name Cornerd, they used a unique and interesting grid design for their site. They put an emphasis on communication, with a large portion of the home page dedicated to the contact link, their RSS feed and their Twitter profile. That is something unique that you will probably begin to see more often as freelancers and small business owners continue to see the link between their portfolio and social networking.

9. Otterball


When you first go to this link you will see an animation of a bunch of messed up thumbnails. They move in a circle pattern and then slide onto one side, aligning on the left hand of the page. This is a simple thumbnail presentation of their past work. They also have an About Us and Contact page, but everything is very simply made.

10. TauaDesign

TauaDesign - A Portfolio design

This site is even better when you say the name out loud and hear the "tada!" sound it makes. They went completely minimalist, with nothing but a white page with a couple of gray sections on the side that takes you to different parts of the site. This includes a portfolio page, which is brought up with a flash animation of black boxes that turn into thumbnails.


If these portfolio design don’t inspire you, nothing will. What are some of your own favorites? Show us in the comments.

  • 10 Creative Portfolio Design Ideas
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  •  samuel.woodbridge

    That is a nice collection of portfolio
    websites, I enjoy looking at all the different designs people come up
    with for their portfolio pages, the designer is given a lot more
    creative freedom when it comes to creating a portfolio. Jan Plochs
    page is a prime example of this, it is a very clever idea and really
    impressive. I enjoyed the rest of the selection too!

  •  Dan

    Thanks for including my portfolio among these great creatives


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