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10 Questions to Ask Before Creating That Shiny New App for Your Business


The term ‘app’ has become something of a buzzword in the world of tech – and it’s for great reason. Once regarded as something of a fad, apps are now seen as revolutionary and one of the primary ways businesses can trap new custom.

The situation has only been improved through the availability of these apps as well. Gone are the days where you might have to invest four figures, or more, in the development of such an application. Instead, an easy app builder is available, and the whole process is just much kinder on the purse strings than it once was.

However, whether or not an app is suitable to every business out there is debatable. We will now mull over some of the key questions you should answer before deciding to commission an app for your business.

How large is your business?

We’re by no means suggesting that all new companies shouldn’t have an app. After all, this is one of the best ways for brand awareness and also one of the main ways in which a lot of start-ups operate.

However, small local businesses might want to concentrate on other areas of their business before investing. Sure, the investments can be quite low nowadays, but from a time perspective it can be worth asking yourself if a young business is going to reap sufficient rewards from an app.

At the same time, some might suggest that age doesn’t matter. If you’re desperate to get ahead of your competitors, and think an app can immediately add value, it stands to reason that you should press ahead.

Do you need a quick way to target your customers?

One of the principal benefits for app owners is the ability to quickly communicate with customers. They can send an instant notification to those who are subscribed to their app, informing them of new products or offers that might be of interest to them.

This is a benefit which sounds perfect for everyone, but it’s worth dabbing the question with a touch of realism. If you operate a gardening business, are you realistically offering regular new products, and new offers? The answer is probably not. If, on the other hand, you have an ecommerce store which is regularly offering discounts, the ability to communicate this quickly could never be overstated.

What percentage of your visitors are from a mobile device?

We’ve heard from umpteen sources how more people use mobile devices to access websites than from their desktop – this is something that can’t be disputed.

In some industries, it might not play out that way though. Some are just more open to desktop – whether it’s because larger screens are required or for a whole host of other reasons. At the same time, if your mobile website is poor to start with, it might be an idea to consider investing in this so you can judge the impact an app can have.


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