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10 things to make Samsung Galaxy S4 Best Smartphone


Smartphones have big importance in the market and people love to use them. Many brands working on smart devices and they have launched a lot of mobiles with fantastic hardware and features like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Apple iPhone 5, LG Optimus G Pro and Sony Xperia Z. But some people in search of best android phones. So, which is the Best one now? Galaxy S4 has made a history in market and it has come with superb features. How is this best android cell phone ever? Let have a look on following points.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Product Quality:

Samsung is working on androids intelligently and they launched a lot of Smartphones of people interest. Some brands making just Smartphones and they don’t think about people on that time. But Samsung has proved that they are making quality products and people love to use their every product in the market.

Strong Competitor:

Samsung is the great competitor of the other brands in the market. Their products quality is closer to Apple and they are doing so well. With requirement of the time, they have launched different Smartphones like Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note2 and now Galaxy S4 to defeat other brands. They give tough time to their competitors because of their good hardware and fantastic features.

Validation by Apple:

Some companies have providing high quality products in the market and Apple is one of them. Apple products are loved all over the world and they are now targeting Samsung worldwide. Apple declared that they are worried because of Samsung products. The reason behind this is Samsung’s product quality and Apple has validated it.

Big Screens of course:

Samsung has launched Galaxy S4 with 5 inch screen which is bigger than other competitors like apple iPhone 5 and HTC one. Apple has given its phone with 4 inch LCD and HTC with 4.7 inch. So this big screen has an attraction for the customers because people love to use a big screen mobile with interesting features.

Samsung Galaxy S4

A mobile to use whole day:

Different mobile companies have launched different types of mobiles for work and entertainment like HTC one which is a full entertainment device and you cannot use it for work. But Samsung Galaxy S4 could be used for both, enjoyment and work. You can work on it when you were in office and it gives you full entertainment outside the office.

Good Software:

All android should be same when we talk about their software but Samsung made some difference here. Samsung gives you the flexibility to modify operating system to enjoy more features and this is not available in other brands androids. Some people said that this is a mistake but it can only be enjoyed with Samsung products.

Integrated Settings:

Samsung provide some additional programs which help people to use the phone in better way. It is done for the popularity for the products. You can enjoy apps stores, video and music stores with Galaxy S4. Apple has same setting and this is also a big thing which makes apple products successful. So this is the best settings for any device and Samsung has adopted it.

Processor and Price:

Samsung has provided Galaxy S4 with an eight core (octa core) processor and this is a big attraction for the consumers. There is not any other mobile with 8 cores of processor. Besides this, Samsung products have a low price than devices of other brands with same specs and features. This is also a big reason behind the success of Samsung products.

Best Smartphone

Amazing camera:

Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 13 megapixels camera which provides a realistic picture result. Some other brands have also launched Smartphones with 13 MP camera but they have not picture quality like Galaxy S4. You can make photos of HD quality with this Smartphone.

Suitable Storage:

Most android mobiles have storage of 32GB but Samsung Galaxy S4 has a wide storage. You can choose storage with ranges of 16, 32, and 64 GB and a slot is also given for the support of the SD card (64GB). It means that you can enjoy 128GB of storage space with this mobile and this is a huge storage space.

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