15 Free Dynamic Flash XML Photo Galleries

Thanks to internet and resources available that you don’t have to develop anything from scratch. Just search, pick up the best and start working on it. Same is the case with photo galleries there are lots of dynamic Flash XML photo galleries for free. In this web roundup i tried to pick some of the best free Flash photo galleries on the Internet.

Almost all types of animation effects are in these 15 free dynamic Flash XML photo galleries.

1. Free Flash and XML Slideshow Photo Gallery

This is totally free Dynamic Flash Slideshow Photo Gallery. You can easily add, edit or delete images and thumbnails by editing an xml file in Notepad. Creating your own Flash slideshow photo gallery has never been easier!

Free Flash and XML Slideshow Photo Gallery

2. FlashFlickr PhotoGallery

A photogallery made in Flex2/AS3 using Flickr API. This application let users to browse your flickr pictures, see your sets, tags and notes.

FlashFlickr PhotoGallery

3. PhotoDiary 1.0

PhotoDiary 1.0 is a web application developed by Webgriffe which lets you to easily publish a brand new photo blog on the web.

PhotoDiary 1.0

4. Flash Page Flip Photo Gallery template for Picasa

This template is based on the free version of the FlashPageFlip flash engine on www.flashpageflip.com.

Flash Page Flip Photo Gallery template

5. FlashMo Stack Photo Gallery

Stack Gallery is a flash xml photo gallery that supports HTML CSS in photo description textfield. It can be integrated with any flash template in actionscript 3.

FlashMo Stack Photo Gallery

6. WS-Slideshow

A free flash slideshow gallery with vertial thumbnails slider.


7. FlashMo Circle Gallery

Circular thumbnail XML gallery with a mouse wheel scroller using Flash CS3 ActionScript 3.

FlashMo Circle Gallery

8. dfGallery 1.0

dfGallery is one of the coolest Galleries currently on the Web.

dfGallery 1.0

9. 3D Grip Photo Gallery

3D Grid – Flash Photo Gallery using Papervision3D and XML.

3D Grip Photo Gallery

10. SimpleViewer

SimpleViewer is a free, customizable Flash image gallery. It allows you to display your images on any web page in a professional, intuitive and simple way.


11. Tony Photo Album

Tony photo album is elegant and free flash photo gallery.

Tony Photo Album

12. Free Flash Photo Album

Dynamic Picture loading, easy to install and easy to change content. Ability to show up to 1200 images.

Free Flash Photo Album

13. AutoViewer

AutoViewer is a free, customizable Flash image gallery. AutoViewer is designed to display a linear sequence of images and captions.


14. TiltViewer

TiltViewer is a free, customizable Flash image gallery. TiltViewer is designed to display a sequence of images in tilt view.


15. Polaroid Gallery v.1.01

The script loads images and image titles dynamically from an external xml file or a flickr RSS feed.

Polaroid Gallery v.1.01

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