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20 Most Beautiful Places In The World

There is a lot of fun, charm and beauty to enjoy in this world. But it’s a fact; that nobody can be able to visit the whole world even he/she spend lifetime travel. I am going to tell about some most beautiful places in the world. But I think the beauty of these places couldn’t be described in words. These places are the source of enjoyment and relaxation, and attract the visitors by entertaining them mentally and physically. These are as follows.

1: Yangtze River

The Yangtze River is the largest in china, having length 3,964 miles and it is the 3rd largest river in the world after the Nail and Amazon. The Yangtze River is the largest water system in China. China has 3gorges dam project on this river. It is the greatest project and hydroelectric station in the world.

Yangtze River

2: Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier attracts everyone by its jagged, snow blanked ridges and sculpted horns tower over lakes and grassland blanketed with wildflowers. Peoples must go to visit national park as soon as possible to enjoy the melting glacier scene because current climate is being changed continuously.

Glacier National Park, Montana

3: Hermitage Museum

Hermitage museum founded by great Catherine in 1764. It is located in Saint Petersburg Russia. It is a museum of art and cultural shows and is the collection of over 30 millions items. This elegant collection includes winter palace and a former residence of Russian emperors.

Hermitage Museum

4: Cologne Cathedral

It is the greatest Gothic Cathedral in Germany. It was started in 1248 and took more than 600 years to complete. It has been devoted to the Saint Peter and Merry to give them a tribute in the shape of cathedral.

Cologne Cathedral

5: Stirling Castle

It is the most elegant castle in all of Scotland. It is very high on the vertical rock mass of castle hill. It also keeps a defensive position along the steep surrounding cliff. It introduced the 16th centuries in Scotland by art, culture and statues.

Stirling Castle

6: Windsor Castle

It is situated in England and it is the largest castle in the world. It is an officially residence of Queen Elizabeth, It is being used for state affairs and entertainment. The visitors can enjoy elegant state apartments, and they can see another historic building ST gorges Chapel which is located in Windsor.

Stirling Castle

7: Santa Maria Del Fiore

It is the domed cathedral in France which is the worlds largest masonry dome, and it has 600 years old worth of amazing architecture and art work. It has interior stand glass windows on its gothic face. The visitors can see the impressive structure of Baptistery and Giotto’s bell tower in Florence, Italy.

Santa Maria Del Fiore

8: Musee d’Orsay

This museum attracts the art lovers to show them a premier collection of impressive paintings. It is situated at the oldest railway station in Paris. It has a number of rooms having amazing art works by famous artists. It shows thousand objects and art work between 1800s-1900s.

Musee d’Orsay

9: Canals of Amsterdam

In 17th centuries Amsterdam started to build up its famous canals, there are three main canals known as the grachtengordel. With canals, there are 1550 memorable buildings and 1500 bridges in Netherlands.

Canals of Amsterdam

10: Kanagawa

It’s a prefecture of Japan; Yokohama and kamakora are also located here. kamakora’s travel is just an hour for those who come from Tokyo by train. There is a huge Buddha statue which attracts the visitors.


11: Palm Island in Dubai

This is an archipelago; it was built in the form of a palm. It is the most attractive place in Dubai and it offers gorgeous places for residence at very cheap prices. It is a way to enhance the tourism in Dubai.

Dubai Palm Beach

12: Dain Tree Rain Forest

This great park situated in Australia, here you will find an oldest rain forest which is 135 millions years old. It’s a most popular place by its adventures. There are a lot of plants and animals which are very rare.

Dain Tree Rain Forest

13: Collosseum

Colosseum is a great and most popular theater in the world. Its construction started in Rome at 72AD and completed in 80AD. 50, 000 spectators can sit in theater easily and could be entered in building via 80 doors.


14: Sagrada Familia in Spain

It is a large catholic church in Spain; its construction was started in 1882 and is in process till yet. At the time of completion it will have 18 towers. It is saying that, it will be completed till 2030.

Sagrada Familia

15: Al Masjid Al Nabwi

Al masjid al nabwi is the greatest symbol of religion Islam in medina. It is the holiest place in the world for Muslims. It was built by prophet hands, and other Islamic rulers reconstruct this building and changed it in to present look.

Al Masjid Al Nabwi

16: Lake Louise Alberta

It is a deep, beautiful and a largest turquoise lake. There is Fairmont hotel which is very expensive, so that visitors can live in camps around the lake to make their visit affordable.

Lake Louise Alberta

17: Snow Lake

This lake is just a dream of extreme beauty and adventures; it is located in Pakistan at 16000 above from the sea. There is a lot of danger by hidden crevasses; this is very difficult route, that’s why an experience guide is necessary to visit the snow lake.

Snow Lake Pakistan

18: Library of Celsus

It is a great library in Turkey; it was built in 117 AD by the governor of Asia. It was a huge library to keep more than 12000 scrolls. It was the richest and majestic library of its era. There are many statues which tell the virtues of celsus.

Library of Celsus

19: The Old City in Yazd

This amazing city is situated in the center of Iran; it is an historical place and second oldest city in the world. The house in Yazd city is made of mud bricks. You can also enjoy natural air conditioner towers and narrow streets.

The Old City in Yazd

20: Darjeeling

It is not a very famous place but it attracts the visitors by its beautiful mountainous area, here you can enjoy some other places like makkhal temple, national park and zoo also.


Image Credits: ShutterStock

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  •  Federico

    Santa Maria del Fiore is in Florence, Italy. Not in France.
    Maybe you want to modify point 7 with correct information.

  •  Ilja

    Could you please edit your text: “Hermitage museum founded by great Catherine in 1964.” Change it to 1764. Hermitage could’t be founded in USSR by Great Catherine 🙂 Thanks.

  •  Editor

    7: Santa Maria Del Fiore – is not in France, it’s located in FLORENCE ( Italy ).

  •  Ferman Aziz

    thanks 🙂 corrected

  •  Ferman Aziz

    thanks Ilja for correction


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