Month: July 2020

The Supreme Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth is a technology majorly used in mobile phones and other communication devices, it is a wireless communication technology majorly used for data transfer between two separate devices.

Bluetooth enables the users to transfer data and communicate with other devices without even using the cables.

The Bluetooth creates a communication connection between two devices that is commonly known as a “Pair”, when two devices are paired through Bluetooth they can transfer data to each other through a suitable distance.

It is a pretty useful technology, apart from the data transfer from handheld devices; it is also used for several other purposes.

For example, a computer can command and control a printer next door, or wireless music system that does not have any sort of wires attached to speakers; it provides the facility of 3D surround sound without creating a mess of wires and cables all over the place. The innovations and uses of Bluetooth are endless.

Let’s take a look at the dynamics of this Bluetooth technology and how it works. The basic information about its working is given as under.

• The Bluetooth technology uses radio waves for the purpose of communication. These waves are of 2.4 GHz. The use of radio waves eliminates any sort of physical attachment between the two devices.

• It supports multi-point communication at the same time; although some of it features do include communication of the same data at one time. But as it is a rapid means of communication, it does not take much longer for a device to complete the data transfer and get to the other task.

• Probably the only negative aspect of communication through Bluetooth is that it works in a very small range of area that is no more than 10 to 15 meters. The waves transmitted by the Bluetooth devices are not strong enough to travel much distance.

• The data transaction speed offered by Bluetooth technology is quite high, at an average 1-2 Mbps speed is commonly observed, that allows the transfer of data at a decent rate and does not take much time to transfer commands, this is why it is highly useful for communication of sound, a person can use a Bluetooth earpiece with connected to his phone and can receive calls with ease without any interruption and delay in sound.

• It does not take that much of cost to be produced. The chipset that is used to transmit the wave is pretty cheap as compared to the other communication chipsets, such as IrDA. Is very small in size and efficient to enough to be installed in any sort of handheld device.

Such features make Bluetooth, the favorite mode of data transfer in short distance communication.

These features are also the reason that it is still not been replaced by any other shot distance communication modes.

However, it has replaced a few, such as infrared data transfer was pretty much used before Bluetooth technology was introduced.

But the after the introduction of this technology every handheld communication device is equipped with Bluetooth rather that infrared, as it is cheap, practical and very easy to use.

Making Blogging A Breeze. 7 Easy Tips To Blog From Your Phone

The best tip for bloggers is to use the incredible tools that are available. You are on the go; looking for new ideas to share with your followers, so let your blogging reflect this. There are now tons of free mobile apps to allow bloggers on the go to keep producing high-quality blogs without being tied to a computer. Keep reading to learn seven easy ways for making mobile blogging a breeze.

1. Research and Learn to Master Your Mobile Blogging App

Blogger - screenshot

Image via Google Play

Mobile blogging, or moblogging, is here to stay, so all the best blogging websites have created mobile versions to enable bloggers to post and manage their blogs from their smartphones or tablets. 

Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular moblogging apps. However, there are many more out there that might be a better fit for your particular blog.

2. Use a Mobile App to Edit Photos for Your Blog

You no longer need a photo-editing program installed on your computer to professionally edit images and make them stand out on your blog.

Plus, with the advanced features of the the latest smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, including a 16-megapixel camera, you do not need more than your smartphone to take, edit, and publish professional photos to your blog. And when equipped with a reliable network, you can edit and post photos anytime and anywhere.

If pictures and images are the focus of your blog, do not worry because many of these applications include advanced editing features like retouching, adjusting perspective, lens blur, and other cool features. Snapseed and Photo Editor Pro are two great options for bloggers. They are both user-friendly but still powerful enough for professionals to use.

3. Get Inspiration From the News That interests You

Flipboard: Your News Magazine - screenshot thumbnail

Image via Google Play

Staying up to date is a challenge with so much information out there. However, getting your daily inspiration is now as easy as using a mobile app like Flipboard, which lets you follow topics that interest you and brings together all the best news and social media from around the world on those topics.

4. Use Apps to Collect and Build Out Your Ideas

Great mobile apps are making bloggers’ ideation and research easier and more effective than ever. The Evernote mobile app allows bloggers to clip information from the web, create notes, and organize their ideas into different notebooks.

Idea Growr is another great mobile app that helps bloggers spark the creative process by storing ideas, generating relevant questions, and helping to organize and motivate blogger creativity.

5. Stay Organized Using a Productivity App

Trello - Organize Anything - screenshot thumbnail

Image via Google Play

Trello is a productivity lifesaver for mobile bloggers. You can organize your own workflow or collaborate with teams to provide updates and comments on tasks that need completing. If you are a guest blogger to different sites or use guest bloggers to contribute to your blog, this is a great tool to get everyone on the same page. The best part is that it is easy to use and has an attractive look that takes the boring out of to-do lists.

6. Write, Edit, and Access Your Work From Anywhere

Google has made it possible for you to write, edit, store, and access your work from any mobile device. With Google Docs, you can write, edit, and even collaborate on blog posts. Changes get saved immediately, so you do not have to worry about losing your work.

The Google Drive app lets you store and access all types of documents that you may need on the go to inform your blogging from anywhere.

7. Get Insights and Ideas From Social Media

Hootsuite is another essential mobile blogger tool, which lets you know who is talking about you across social media sites. This is a great tool for responding to important mentions or inspiring response posts to blogs. It also brings all of social together in one place to save you time.

Take the time to explore the benefits offered by the apps described above, as well as others out there. It will be time well invested, and you will quickly be on your way to becoming a better moblogger and pumping out high-quality content right from your phone.

Can Graphics Influence The Popularity Of A Video Game?

Can Graphics Influence the Popularity of a Video Game?

Graphics can get a bad rap sometimes when people are discussing video games. Everyone likes a game with ground breaking graphics but many have also started saying that remarkable graphics are just an excuse developers use to justify poor gameplay.

Is it true?

Just look at a game like The Secret World: the graphics are impeccable and you couldn’t ask for more in terms of storyline. But this isn’t always the case. The amount of game hours derived out of a game like Pong back in 1972 is about the same as the amount of time you would spend playing Fallout 4 today.

Yes, high resolution graphics certainly count for a lot, but why are so many people base their purchase decisions on graphics alone?

Just ask any gaming aficionado, they will tell you that gameplay is far more important than graphics. But the biggest question here is, when it is so much easier to refine gameplay, why do all development companies focus more on rendering technology which is more technically challenging and expensive?

The other side of the argument

The simplest argument here is, people are superficial. They will buy whatever looks the best even if the gameplay is worthless. Customers never get to experience gameplay until they’ve actually purchased the game. All they see are graphics through trailers and advertisements. If graphics didn’t matter, such presentations would never suffice. Let’s just face the fact that people want hyper-realism in their games. Whether the story is any good or not.


Does hyper-realism have any other purpose? Could there be another reason why developers are so insistent on making their games look like real?

Well, as far as immersion is concerned, polygon counts on their own will not be able to keep a person hooked, but they are important. Being immersed in real life is entertaining. So when software and hardware is used to replicate this feeling, your brain will not be able to differentiate between what’s real and what’s virtual anymore.

What will happen when a video game is just that good? For your brain, it becomes a reality. Your brain starts believing that it is directly participating in the scene. It is only when the environment is so immersive that our brain will start thinking whether it needs to participate or not.

Good graphics and environments

Any game which has low resolution graphics needs more translation time as far as efforts from the player are concerned. This may just be why video games appealed to a very small section of people initially. Not everyone wanted to go through the effort of being engaged in a game. But with an improvement in graphics, this barrier was removed and the translation required was far lower and the game began appealing to more people.

But this would mean that graphics aren’t just superficial but the most important component of any game. This would mean that any developer who is focusing on graphics isn’t actually ignoring gameplay but is working on its most important aspect instead.

Hardcore gaming

As far as hardcore gamers are concerned, they would most probably disagree with such a characterization altogether. A hardcore gamer will rationalize using all their gaming moments and determine that the games which are dearest to them, aren’t necessarily the best looking ones. They will be able to cite countless examples of games which looked excellent but didn’t have anything to offer in terms of gameplay and were quickly forgotten. They will also be able to cite numerous games with low resolution graphics but popular appeal.


The point being made here isn’t that graphics aren’t important when designing a game but that they cannot be used as a scapegoat each time a game tanks. They need to be considered an important aspect of gameplay and treated with equal respect. Graphics are important. They help improve the design of a game and should be treated with objectivity and respect.

Appealing to a broader audience is just an added benefit and not a reason for them to be condemned. Stunning graphics is not inversely related with exceptional gameplay. Games can have the best of both worlds. And even though it happens on rare occasions, when it does, the results truly are spectacular.

5 Shocking Gaming Facts

The world of gaming is forever evolving, with technology pushing changes both in what we can achieve, and the people who are a part of it.

While we have plenty of stereotypes that form our view of this exciting industry, the true makeup of the gaming community may in fact shock you.

“Gaming is Just for The Young”

We tend to forget that the older generations were the first gamers. These people haven’t just given up gaming because they “grew up” in fact, they still play now. We just have to look at retro gaming to prove that gaming has a history.

Another factor that leads to gamers of all ages playing is how accessible a past time it is now. Whether it be online slots, Candy Crush Saga or a strategy game, mobile devices make them easy to access and are designed so we aren’t stuck at a computer or console. This is leading to a greater diversity of players.

“Gaming is for Boys”

This is one fact that always seems to be popular, but isn’t true. In fact, 52% of gamers are female, and this isn’t just down to the rise in mobile gaming. You just have to look at game streaming sites or explore more with free bingo no deposit to see female players of games like CS: GO or Call of Duty, or even League of Legends.

“Professional Gamers Start Young”

The rise of E-Sports has brought us the professional gamer. These gamers tend to start young and retire young, based on the style of play that is required. The youngest professional so far was Victor De Leon III (‘Lil Poison). Said to have started playing at the age of 4, he became professional at 7. It’ll be interesting to see if the next big star will start even younger.

“Video Games Are Bad for Your Health”

While sitting on a couch or gaming chair for hours on end can’t be healthy, playing games can actually be good for you. Boosting brain power and increasing mental sharpness, strategy games have shown to be a good form of entertainment for the brain.

There are many other shocking facts about gaming, these are just a few we decided to include here. Hopefully, though some won’t be as shocking in the future as our perspective on gaming continues to change.

How Technology Revolutionised Payment Methods

With the Internet revolutionizing our lives and the way we do many things, we have had to adapt to a new way of life. This has included how we pay for things; as more conventional payment methods can’t be used. In a digital world, physical money is no use to us, no matter what it’s worth is.

Now that most of us use our debit or credit cards to make payments, this method has worked well for us for some time. Technology continues to evolve though and we are provided with newer and more secure ways to pay for our goods.

Contactless Payment

This form of payment is more about ease of use rather than added security. The ability to just swipe your card over a reader and pay for goods up to around £30 is very convenient and saves plenty of time. With around 300 transactions every minute being made using this method it is obvious that this has become a popular way to pay.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an extension of contactless payment and allows the owner of an iPhone to swipe their phone over an Apple Pay reader and make a payment. While this is dependent on the phone being an Apple device, other companies like Samsung are providing similar services through the Android operating system. With Apple being such a big company though, it is no surprise that many stores are rushing to allow this functionality to its customers.


Bitcoin is one of the newest currencies and is totally digital. With no connection to banks, and a lack of centralized organizational structure gives it a true free feel.

Its use is also anonymous so many people like the feeling of not being tracked. It is expected though that restriction will be placed on Bitcoins in the future to allow the user to be traced in some way.


PayPal is a way to pay that has been around for some time, and its connection to eBay has helped it build up a trusted reputation. If you we’re to try mobile bingo, you’d notice that most of the popular sites allow this payment method because of its ease of use, and at this time of all new payment methods, this is probably one of the most popular.

7+ Short Love Poems For Her That Will Make Her Cry

Love is when you are together you are wishing it would never end cause you want to be by their side no matter what you can say anything not mean it at all say I am sorry and he won’t care you can wear your sloppiest clothes and he’ll say ”baby you look pretty to me.”

You can be sick with a fever of 101 and he will be by your side taking care if you even if it means risking getting sick.

When someone you love passes away he doesn’t care how many times you call him since your miles away.

Even if you get jealous and angry your right there saying ”its gonna be ok” knowing the makeup and saying ” I am sorry” will make things right again you put up with him when he’s beings a pain in the butt and the same when you are.

Love never fails or gives you pain…sweetheart.

At times I can’t find words enough to express how deeply I feel for you.

But I want you to know that you hold a very special place in my heart..and with every passing day, I am falling more and more in love with you….

Be with the one that makes you happy, the one that makes you smile, the one that makes you laugh, and each day worthwhile, live life for the moment, try hard to make it last because life is so short, it goes by so fast, so when you find love, don’t let it slip away, hold it forever, and cherish it each day, as long as you are happy, that is what you should do, love that someone and let them know before your life is through.

I Love You

I told you i would cause you to stress,i told you i would cause you pain,i even told you the reason why i cry,out in the rain,i told you i love you,and you knew it true.

Help Me

Are you ok?..yeah.. I am fine..I say this, but on the inside, i’m screaming no I’m not. I have lost my way and I don’t know if I will make it cut alive,i don’t know why I feel like this..please help me…

Empty Arms

My heart longs for you, my soul dies for you, my eyes cry for you, my empty arms reach out for you.

When I Feel Alone

]I love you because I know you’re always there, there to catch me when i fall, there to listen when I need you, there when I feel alone.


Silence burns inside, thoughts are constant and kept inside, so far from others, disturbing for you..knowing who you are is who you’re never going to be, fight back, take a stand or not..the justice has never been found.look at yourself.nobody else is there to cry.

To The Heavens

You tore my heart apart, you held it so tight, it bled from the outside.because of you I’m doing this, because of you it’s true, because of you this is occurring..because of you, I flew.