25 Must Have iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

iPhone is getting very popular because of apps available on it, you name it and the application for that purpose is available. If you are a graphic designer you can use this gadget for many purposes as lots of graphic designing applications are available too and that’s what i tried to sort out today.

Below is the list of 25 must have iPhone apps for graphic designers.

1. Color Expert

Color Expert is an application guide that includes tools to facilitate the color settings, the process of capture, and a combination of several colors. In addition, this application will also allow you to add color to your wishes, this is must have iPhone app.

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2. My Pantone iPhone Apps

My Pantone  iPhone Apps are applications that are specifically used to create several color combinations that exist so as to produce a unique color for your liking. This application is used if you do not find the colors found on your iPhone. Existing navigation on this application will allow you to do the color mixing of several kinds of colors available.

3. Cliqcliq

CliqCliq is an application that you can use to set some color features that exist, such as changing colors, and create a combination of several colors into one color.This application will greatly help your application work with CSS, HTML, Flex, Flash, and others. Colors resulting from this application you can convert it into several color formats, such as RGB and CMYK.

4. Camera Bags

Camera Bags serves to set the color produced from the iphone camera. There are several kinds of colors you can choose and then shared to multiple other devices, eg PC, Mac, or online store. In addition, you can also print the image directly with pitchbridge technology.

5. Color Guides

Color guide is one of the color management application that uses with the code.Several kinds of color code that is often used in these applications is RGB and HEX.This application is very suitable to be used as a reference for those who work as a designer.

6. Layers

Layers is a graphics application on the iPhone that can be used to produce unique images by using some existing tools, such as smudge tool, brushes, paint, erase, and several other applications. Such applications are also found on several image processing program such as Photoshop, Image editing, and Image Ready.


7. Loupe

Loupe is one iPhone application that is used to enlarge object pictures you take. Use of this application is usually done if the object is not very clear.

8. Color Toy

There are many iPhone applications on the Internet, one of which is the Color Toy. If you are a graphics designer, interior deisgn, or flash animator, ColorToy can help you find the type of color that is suitable and ideal for your project. The application is very simple and flexible, allowing you to produce and mix a variety of interesting color combinations.

9. Ruler Plus

Ruler Plus is an application that is widely used by designers to measure the object with the iPhone how to put it on the media to be measured. With this application, the measurement object can be known directly.

10. Quick Office

Mobiles Quickoffice is an application that functions to help your office work when you are outside. In this application is generally similar to existing Office applications on a PC or Mac. Some features that can be used with this application including MobileMe, Dropbox, Google Docs, and Box.net. Some advantages of this application that is able to transfer files via Wi-Fi technology.

11. Photo Bucket

Photobucket is an online photo storage application. Currently this application can enjoy through on your iphone. Image and photos you can upload directly from digital cameras or computers. Some features that are often used in this application include a photo library, and your browser’s online photo. And more interestingly, this application you can get for free.

12. Omni Focus

Omnifocus useful to manage multiple plans that you should do every day. Some of the features contained in this application of which is to manage incoming mail, project designers would you do, the discussion about the project with your colleagues, and schedule your other activities. This application will help you when you’re on outdoor. Although this application paid, but it will really help you that have high mobility as a graphics designer.

13. Work Timer

Are you as designers? Working as a web designer with too many clients is often difficult to organize, scheduling, and equally impractical. However, you still need to keep track of how much time you will from some spend working on each project, the which is the WorkTimer comes in.  Can you handling your entire project? By simply pressing the screen, you cans keep a log of how many hours you’ve spent working – one less thing to clutter your mind and distract your creative genius!

14. Zeptopad

Zeptopad is an application that can be used directly. If you’re a graphics designer, and suddenly found the idea, you can pour directly inspired by the fingers on the iPhone screen. Images produced by this application is  vector format.

15. Cooliris

Cooliris is an application that contains multimedia content, such as photo sharing, video, news, and some streaming-based applications. The advantage of this application is the speed of which browser you used when you surf the web to find pictures and video.

16. Evernote

This application serves to create a simple note about your activities outside, for example, to record important things, remember things when you are on the road, and everything you think is important enough to be immortalized. This application has been synchronized with other devices, such as Mac and PC with Windows based. Some features available in this application include writing text, photos, audio notes, mark notes for quick access. You can get this application for free.

17. Fonts Previews

Font previews an application that allows a designer to see some type fonts found in some device with iOS 3.2 based  , for example iPad, iOS 4 on the iPhone, and iPod touch.


Brushes is a graphics design application that is very simple. You can draw an object through a menu of available brushes. Simple addition, this application is also capable of producing images with a unique vector format. Equipped with some image processing tools will make you like a professional designer.

19. Color Splash

Color Splash is an application that can be used to produce a unique image effects, interesting, and real. Typically these applications will result in a combination and mix of very different colors, such as black and white images are combined with bright-colored pictures, so that would lead to artistic impression.

20. Font Shuffle

Fonts Shuffle is an application that must be owned by those who work as graphic design. With this application you can find various kinds and types of fonts that you want to use, ranging from the size of fonts, symbol fonts, and font editing. There are many options available. Some versions of this application you can get for free.

21. Pixelpipe

Pixelpipe is one iPhone application that can be used for photo sharing to multiple social networking sites, and micro-blogging service. This application has been supporting more than one hundred social networking sites. You can get this application for free.

22. What the Fonts

What the font is an application that is widely used in design magazines, newspapers, and several other advertising media. Existing features can you integrate into some other devices that already support this application.

23. HTML Cheat Sheet

HTML Cheat Sheet widely used by designers based HTML source code. With this application you can optimize the function of each source code available on a design, be it graphic design, web design, and some HTML-based blogging application.


Dexigner is a special application from the iPhone which serves to show news and topics around the design. An interesting display is suitable for you to try this application.

25. Analytics

Analytics is an application used by web designers and graphic designers who build a website. Where in this application, you can know about  popularity of your web on search engine. Some view of these applications include direct traffics, referring site, and search engines.


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