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3 Basic Tools for Digital Artists


Digital art is the branch of arts which is contemporary and technology oriented. The artist works digitally on the images he wants to create and along with effects and fiction work he expresses his ideas. Computers and software play an important role in this branch of arts.

Basic Tools

Wacom Tablet

  • Different digital art designers use various equipments to serve the purpose of creativity and high tech but one thing is common among the entire designers tool box. They carry Wacom tablet which is the best tool for digital arts and is made according to the industry standards.
  • The display size is remarkable and one can easily go through all the minute areas through this tablet. Those designers who work on several monitors have now conveniently shifted to Wacom tablet and minimalist the tools for work.
  • Variety of Wacom tablets with high and low end prices are available so that new designers can also easily afford them and have the benefit of accessing this tool. The price range is between 300 to 2000 dollars.

Pencil and Paper

  • No mater which form of art you are dedicated to pencil and paper is always the most essential tools. The idea is to always have something readily available to captivate any idea that arises in the designers mind at any pint of time. Either you are on train travelling or sitting in a party. If you are a designer you must carry paper and pencil so that you can immediately jolt down the ideas which you get as an inspiration from your surroundings.
  • Besides availability pencil and paper are the solid foundation to whatever you design digitally. Designers usually have a rough draft before they get into the actual digital art creation. Hence one cannot ignore the importance of these tools.
  • To visualize the ideas the basic key tool is pencil and paper so that you can draw whatever is there in your head and then save the idea physically through these cheapest tools.

Photoshop and Other Drawing Programs

  • To make your digital arts more impressive and full of expression, you need to have Photoshop and other drawing programs. Photoshop or these drawing programs/apps will help you to sharpen the image, saturate the colors, highlight certain areas, give shadow impact and much more. Hence there are several purposes which can be only catered through photoshop or drawing tools or programs.
  • These software apps are not very expensive and are available within the range of 100 to 600 USD.


With the help of these basic tools you can make your simple work different from others. All you need to know is the ideal utilization of these tools. The focus on work and ideas can also make you stand out in this race of digital world where everyone is striving hard to be at his/her best.

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