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3 Big No No’s In Web Design


In the world of computing, the Internet has made what was once a very long and complicated procedure more like a quick trip to the convenience store. Want to know why giraffes necks are so long and how they keep a healthy blood pressure all the time?

Just look it up on the web. Looking for affordable property management? Simply type it in to your favorite search engine. Need to do a little winter clothes shopping? Visit the closest online store to find that perfectly warm jacket.

Thanks to the web, wasting time and gas is a thing of the past. However, if you are the one building the site, there are a few things you should avoid if you really want access to all these potential customers. Below are three of them.


How many of us learn better with more senses involved? We all do. This was part of the line of thinking when the code to flash was invented. Programmers thought if they could involve the masses in an online video display of whatever it was that was the theme of the site, they could hook new customers more easily. In the beginning, this had great success.

The masses did indeed enjoy being able to see new products in action. Little ones loved seeing their favorite cartoons do silly new things and advertising through the internet became not only a breeze, but fun. Until the Apple iPhone, slow laptops, and customers who got tired of seeing commercials came along.

The Apple iPhone won’t even load a page with flash most days. When a laptop user runs into a site with flash, the load time skyrockets, if it finishes at all and people see enough commercials on tv. Why would they want to visit your page for another one? Keep it simple, silly. No flash.

Graphics for Text

Ok. Now in order to be able to know anything about your service, product, or goal of your page, there are going to be things the user has to read. The effort you put into the text on your site screams volumes about the kind of company you represent and we are always looking for new and fresh ways to make that text more attractive.

Be that as it may, your first option should never be to use graphics for text. Question. What do search engines look for? Text. Will they find your page if all the good stuff is in graphic form? Nope.

Graphics are great eye candy, but when you are building your website, avoid the temptation to turn your goto logo into a Broadway show for the eyes. You will inadvertently bury your page in the dungeon of every search engine.

Broken Links

When a user visits a page, it’s usually out of one of two things. Either they have a curiosity that needs to satisfied or they are looking for a specific product or service. Many websites have wonderful homepages. They are informative and attractive. However, once you get past the homepage, some are likely to give very scant information.

Why? Broken links. If your true goal is to educate your client on the purpose of your page, broken links are a sure fire way to leave them clueless. Not only that, they will more than likely bypass your site the next time they are on the hunt for similar information.

Your website has the potential to make or break you. Take the time to make sure that it is indeed user friendly and that you leave these ideas in the past where they belong.

  • In the world of computing, the Internet has made what was once a very long and complicated procedure more like a quick trip to the convenience store.
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