3 Easy Ways to Finance A Website Redesign

For many businesses, a great way to spice up your sales and freshen up your marketing is to undertake a website redesign. However, if you feel the need to redesign your website due to a slump in sales or decreased interest in your products or services, you likely don’t have the free cash around to pay for a site redesign. If you find yourself in this boat, luckily there are some simple and easy ways you can bring in some more capital to help make your website redesign a reality.

Create and Sell Website For Others

In the business world, it’s likely that you have someone working with or for you that has website building skills. While they may not be up to the task of completing your entire new website on their own, you can still use their expertise to help make your redesign possible. According to Mitz Pantic, a contributor to Business2Community.com, building a website is a great way to make some extra money because websites generally sell for 12 to 24 month’s worth of the net profit you can make with said site. This means that if you can crank out a couple decent websites that begin to make a little money and then sell those website to another person or business, you could definitely bring in the money you require for your own website redesign.

Make Smart Short-Term Investments

If you have a small amount of money available but not enough to finance your entire redesign, making smart, short-term investments could help you get to the monetary level you need quickly. One great option is to buy silver or gold to trade. According to GoldSilver.org, investors can purchase a large amount of gold or silver when the price is low and then sell it in just a few months if the price jumps back up again. However, this requires you to really understand the market and be constantly vigilant about price variations. But if you have the time and interest in this area of investment, it could prove to be very lucrative for you.

Freelance From Home In Your Down Time

Another option for bringing in more money to pay for your website redesign is to use your current set of skills as a freelancer in conjunction with your current employment. While this could give you little time left in your day for relaxation or leisure, it will help you get the money you need to finance your website redesign quickly.

Joseph Slife of CBN.com recommends that some of the best and most legitimate ways to make money from home as a freelancer are direct sales and writing. Depending on who you work with or for and how much time you have to devote to these additional responsibilities, you could end up getting the capital you need in just a few weeks, giving you the chance to improve upon your primary business through your site redesign in a very short timeframe.

Unless you’ve had a website redesign on your calendar for a while, your fledgling business likely doesn’t have the capital around to finance this marketing strategy. But if you use some of the financing tips mentioned above, you should be able to come up with enough money to complete your redesign quickly and begin seeing the positive repercussions of such a tactic in no time at all.

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