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3 Ways to Make Website Communication Easier


As a business in today’s society, your number one tool is your website. Without one, you’re irrelevant to all of the market except maybe those in your immediate physical vicinity. Even then, people are so used to using technology to guide them day to day, that your lack of having a website as a restaurant, a business office, a retail store, or anything else will cause your business to not prosper in the way that it could.

People look online to find your business, to see your hours, to browse your catalogue, and most importantly, to purchase from you. Without a website, you’re basically dead to the world. There are many aspects that make a website function, and each is important in its own way, but there is one thing in particular that is important to have that when missing will lose you customers faster than anything: it’s a way to communicate.

Here are 3 ways to make it easier for people to contact you through your website:

Have One Method of Email

Business can get confusing and convoluted when you use all sorts of varying services to communicate with people. This is especially true in email form. Don’t have your website route somebody to Microsoft Outlook and also have an email address on your website that links people to Gmail. This confuses people and makes it so that you might not receive all messages.

To make things streamline and to tighten up communication lines, have one method of email communication. Cover all your bases and make sure there is no chance of information going to the wrong place. Email is a huge reason business goes awry. Look at Clinton.

Have A Clear ‘Contact Us’ Tab

This is old fashion, but it still does the trick in today’s society. If you have a website to promote your service, it’s crucial that you give people a way to contact you. It has to be easy to find, or people will give up. One easy way to allow people to contact you is to literally have a “contact us” tab at the top of your page. These are the words people are looking for when they want to use your services, they have a question about your enterprise, or when they have a praise or complaint.

Have A Hero Image

Hero images are a very popular thing to use today. A hero image is an intriguing graphic that is found when somebody first clicks on your page. It’s often accompanied by a call to action phrase like “subscribe now”, “book a session”, “learn more about us”, or things of the like.

These are extremely successful because when you use them, it means that there is often little else on your page that is drawing attention. A person has to click on your call to action to be taken further into your website. If your hero image and phrase takes a person’s right to where they can contact you to book a service, you’ve done your job and you made it as easy as one click on the viewer’s part. You led them in like Hansel and Gretel.

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