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3 Ways to Make Your Blog iPad Friendly

Blogs have become the next generation of social media in the past several years. While they used to be a minor part of sharing content and were vastly overshadowed by official sites, they now provide more than anyone ever thought possible. Not only are they an affordable and efficient way of gaining readers but being fully customizable and made for updating makes them simpler to run than the old website standards.

While they have stayed the same but with expanding popularity and features, there is a third-party that creates a larger impact. That would be the creation and wide acceptance of personal devices with Internet capabilities. The most recent releases in the world of tablets are especially pressing, such as with the ever-loved iPad still selling like hotcakes.

Because of this, it is wise to make sure your own blog is made to be iPad (or any alternative) friendly. You would be surprised at the number of people who use an iPad to browse blogs, such as on train rides, flights, office waits, on breaks and during lunch. These tips can help you make sure your blog is prepared for tablet users:

Use Application Onswipe


With tablets becoming so popular, there have been companies that have teamed up to create applications that are designed to automatically adjust certain display settings and functions. Onswipe is one of those companies.

This plug-in works by adjusting things like screen size, position and other factors to allow for viewing on a touchscreen. It is coded within the blog itself so that tablet users won’t have to install anything to enjoy your content. But if you have WordPress, it is already included in the blog itself and fully activated.

Beyond making adjustments, Onswipe also makes it easier to save blogs; creates a gorgeous, full-page, magazine-like cover from the latest article; and makes sharing on social media sites a breeze.

Turn Your Blog Into an eBook


If your website is niche-specific it might be worth it to look into turning it into an electronic. The iPad and other tablets work as e-readers, which makes them perfect for PDFs and other files that work as ebooks. There are several ways that you can do this, such as just backing up files and then fixing them into the correct order yourself. But some programs will make it much easier.


If you are a WordPress user you will be able to take advantage of Anthologize, the most popular and extensive conversion tool on the web. It works as a plug-in, which is why it is unusable by anyone who goes through any other blog program or hosts independently. The format is easy to use: Just pull the content from your blogs through the plug-in, drag and drop it into the right order and then convert.


If you don’t have WordPress then you should check out Zinepal. It works by letting you connect through your blog and then select what stories you want to include in your file. All it requires is the URL of your blog, and it will let you easily sift through posts to find the ones you want, without having to cut and paste. You can then convert it into Kindle, PDS or ePub formats.

Use a Mobile-Friendly Theme

Mobile-Friendly Theme

If you have WordPress you will be given several options for themes that have been made to make it easier for those who are using devices to browse. If you are through another source you can find others for your particular setup easily enough. But for WP users, here are three of the best:

WordPress Mobile Pack

This is a complete toolkit rather than just a theme, with a collection of plug-ins meant to properly customize your blog to be mobile compatible. It comes with a switcher that will suggest either computer or mobile settings, both standard and advanced themes, a mobile ad widget, a mobile admin panel, device adaption, custom colors, a barcode widget, auto listing and more. It’s also recently been updated to an improved person.


This plug-in was created for seamless blog adaption from a standard WP site to an iPhone or iPad application. It allows for a switch between the mobile theme or the standard computer theme based on the choice of the user while providing Ajax loading for all content. A paid version has a ton more features, colors and customizable options for the theme.

Wordpress to Mobile Version

News Press

For those who are looking to create a news portal, this plug-in creates a news-specific theme for devices. It is incredible professional looking and clean, with easy-to-navigate sections that are just the right size for tablet users. The loading time is great for information-heavy blogs, and it is customizable. It supports threaded comments and is completely widget ready.

  • 3 Ways to Make Your Blog iPad Friendly
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    sometimes the themes can be the worse thing anyone can deal. Especially the navigation procedures were in others are just confused on were to go next. So choosing a user friendly theme would definitely help.

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    Also, responsive layout plays a huge role. Nice tips 🙂

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    I agree with your blog.Especially the navigation procedures were in others are just confused on were to go next.Great information.

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    Everyone using iphone or ipad and these is really nice applications and plugin for blog to make ipad friendly 🙂 i will try to use it on my blog!


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