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3 Website Design Tips To Make Your Visitors Take Action


Unless you’ve purposely spent a lot of time and money creating a website only to have it be looked at, you’re probably hoping that those who choose to visit your website will perform some type of action once they’re there. Depending on what your website is for, like a business, organization or lifestyle blog, your desired action will vary. However, the ways to get these actions are often the same regardless of what particular action you’re trying to accomplish. So to help you get the conversions you’re looking for, here are three website design tips that will make your visitors take action.

Don’t Underestimate Color Choice

To understand why people click on certain buttons or take certain actions on a website, one thing you’ve got to understand is color psychology. Depending on the colors you use for certain buttons or other parts of your website, different feelings or emotions will be brought up within your visitors. For example, according to Jeremy Smith, a contributor to KISSMetrics, blue can make your visitors feel more trusting. Yellow, however, causes them to exercise a bit more caution. Orange can create a sense of urgency, and black often makes things feel more luxurious. So before you just pick a random color on the color wheel, consider what you want your visitors to feel before you get too far into your website design and color selection.

Create Better CTA Buttons

While what you say or design throughout your website can help your visitors feel more open to taking certain actions, the actual action often comes down to buttons or fields known as CTAs, or calls to action. These are the actual bits of text that take your visitors to the action-taking area. Because these buttons are so important, it’s worth your time and attention to make them as effective as possible. To do this, Brittany Leaning, a contributor to HubSpot.com, suggests that you either keep the text very simple or come up with copy that’s irresistible to clicks. For example, if you’re wanting the visitors to your website to download all your workout routines, like this example from allworkoutroutines.com, you might want to create a button that directly tells your visitors to take this specific action.

Get The Right Positioning

Not only do you need to be concerned with the color and copy of your CTA buttons, but you also have to place them at the right spots on your web pages. According to Neil Patel, a study done by the Nielsen Norman Group found that people view web pages in an “F” pattern. Knowing this, CTAs places along this pattern will often be used more often. While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, knowing this information can help you better position your on-page elements.

If you want your visitors to convert at a higher rate, consider using the tips mentioned above to get more action taken on your web pages.

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