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Nail Designs & 30 Nail Polish Tips

Most unique and beautiful Nail designs or ideas of Nail Polish art. We publish different and new designs of nail art.  Gel Nail Polish art is essential for every need, make life simpler with fabulous range. Nail art becoming more and more popular. With clients want to extend their personalities onto their nail then they must take ideas of nail art designs images given below. These nail art designs are for the bridals who want to look very beautiful they must try these ideas. There are different kinds of colors are used. You also make your flag in your nail by nail polish art. There are also cool and cute nail polish art for young girls. Mostly girls like this type of  fashion. If you like these designs then you must try these ideas and inform others to see and like these designs. For good look of nail,  so it is important to look after them. In reality, giving a few days gap before applying nail polish or new acrylics will certainly be a good ideas as it will allow…The art of cosmetics called manicurists, soften and trim and cuticles. They shape the nails with files or emery boards and apply nail polish. Our nail polish designs must attract the viewers and they must like and try these ideas.

Use Ice Water:  USA Art Nail Polish

  • Some times some people want to dry their nails quickly.
  • If you want to dry your nails use of  ice water is best. Just take a bowl with 2 cups of water inside it and immerse 5 cubes of ice and allow it cool for 5 minutes and then immerse your nails for a minute and dry your nails in front of  a fan.
  • Now your nails are ready for the polish. If you do this process before polishing your nails polish never float on nail surface.



Fix a Broken Nail: Yellow With Black Touch Nail Art

  • To fix a broken nail you must have a Tea Bag and Nail Glue.
  • Use a clipper to hold the tea bag material and apply a little moisture of glue from one side. Then apply it to nail then gently apply a little force with other hand.



Take Off Nail Polish: Black And White Triangle Geometry Art Nail Polish

  • Do you want to take off your nail polish right now less than a 5 minutes then you are at the right place.
  • Just Use Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Using a single piece of cotton . Its gentle formula with no Acetic Acid. Its suitable on both artificial or natural nails.
  • But As Caution keep this liquid away fro the skin and keep away from children. This can cause damage.



Use Of Netting On Nails : British Flag Nail Art

  • You can use net to get a desired shape on nail.
  • Just like below in the image American flag Net has been used to draw these designs.
  • These are very easy to use you have to just place net on nails and apply desired nail polish colors.



Make Doter Tool For Nails: Red Spider Nail Art

  • You can make your own doter tool. Like you can use a sewing pin to draw very little dots on your nails.
  • You can use a wall nail to draw dots or you can use a pencil to draw shapes by dipping you pencil into nail polish. These are some nail polish design for you people.



Nail Sprays For Designing: Election Nail Art

  • Use nail sprays after using net to give desired colors and shapes on nails.
  • Sprays can be used to set your menicure and it prevents smudges on nails.



Whiten Your Nails: Fruit Nail Art

  • After removing your nail polish some times polish and other dirt material remains into the nail. You should remove all dirt and dust from inside the nails and when your nail start looking whiten from the above then your nails are cleaned.
  • This is done by the following process first soak your dirty nails into the solution of hot waterhydrogen per oxide and baking soda just for 1-2 minutes.  Now use a brush to whiten your nails by scrubbing the strains of the nail.



Erase Polish From Ends : Cartoon And Burger Nail Art

  • In the picture below can you see the mistakes done where skin and nail meet. You can see that meeting part is a little blurry and the polish there is not smooth.
  • Use a small naked brush to clear the ends after polishing the nails before they dry o give nail a finishing look. Your brush should be little faced, smooth and cleaned.

nail-art-0 (1)


Apply Multiple Thick Coats: Red base White Dot Nail Art

  • If you apply thick coat of colors on nails. You can remove and prevent smudges on nails.
  • Apply fair amount of polish on your nails.
  • Always Remember do not over load your nail brush with large amount of polish to get good results.



Apply Vaseline: Nail Art Of Bands

  • As you know in the polish there are some acidic materials which damages skin.
  • So After polishing and drying your nails polish apply a little Vaseline on skin where the nails and skins meet this is very important if you want to keep your skin healthy and fresh.


Use of Band Aids: Olympic Fine nail

  • If your you do not have long nails and your finger tips are damaged then use finger bands to keep your tips pointed by using branded bands.
  • Some bands are also used for painting the tip of the nail bands are also used for this purpose. These are very easy to use you just have to apply polish on the band on the given place then you have to wear this band on nail after then your will be ready.
  • Tip bands nail technique in most of the pictures you can see by scrolling up and down.



Do not Sit Near Fan : Snow Flake Nail Art

  • After polishing your nails do not sit near fan to dry your nails if you do this your nail polish may dry soon but air bubble may arise in the polish which will make your nail rough and tough.
  • If you are spending your important time on this activity you should follow all these tips to keep your work good , stylish and attractive.




Humidity in the Air : Tumbler Black Nail Art

  • If there is humidity in the air then your polish ma take time to dry.
  • Do not use hair dryer to dry your polish
  • You can Use heater to dry your nail polish but do not keep your nails too near to electric heater.



 B3f Nail Polish : Bridal White Nail Polish

  • If your nail polish is B3F you have to take care about the base coat and top coat.
  • BF3 is a standard which means your polish does not contains Formaldehyde and Toluene. This kind of standard is adopted by very high classified nail polish branded companies.
  • If you use a brand without this standard then smudges can appear on nail polish after when you woke up in the morning and another importance if your top layer is BF3 lower base coat is dried soon.

bridal nail designs (1)


Use Rubber Based Base Coat: Mix Color And Flower Design

  • If you want to make your polish long lasting then i would suggest you to use rubber based base coat which make the polish elastic and made polish free from cracks and breaks.
  • You can Use Bonder brand Orly. Its Rubberized formula for base coat.



Apply Thick Hand Cream Before Removing Polish : Bridal Nail Art Collection

  • Before removing your nail polish try to use thick cream on your hands to avoid damages to your skin.
  • To Remove Your Do not ever use your fingers.
  • To Remove take a cotton dip in the liquid nail polish remover and place cotton on each nail for 15 sec and then scrub it using the same cotton.
  • Repeat this process until all polish is removed and again i am warning do not ever use your finger for this process of scrubbing. Also do not scrub with other nail to remove polish this will develop scratches on your nails.


Choose Shortest Nail : Bridal Red Nail Art Design

  •  Some times when you start cutting your nails. After cutting nails you find some nails are not equivalent in sizes. This act can destroy all nail sizes.
  • Before start cutting your nails you should see which if your nail is smaller in size. Cut other nails according to that nail. In other words choose shortest nail as a standard before start cutting.


Before Polish Remove Oil: Pink Beats Nail Polish 

  • Before polish first wash your hand with good soap. Use nail polish remover to remove oil from the nails. Use of nail polish remover completely removes oil from the nails.
  • This is very good practice if you do this your polish remains smooth and long lasting.



Whiten Yellow Colored Nails: Love Nail Polish Design

  • When dark nail polish is used for very long time. Nails color turn yellow. 
  • So use nail polish only when its needed. Try changing nail polish by removing old one’s.




Avoid Bubbles In Nail Polish: Beautiful Light Color Nail Polish

  • To make nail polish long lasting and to give effective, attractive look air bubbles should be avoid. 
  • Some times polish looks very thick which creates bubbles when applying on nails. This can be avoided if you use thinner. Pour a reasonable amount of thinner in the polish to make polish thin.
  • Before polish move nail polish bottle up and down. Never shake bottle this can create bubbles in the nail polish inside which you even can’t see.

Hand and Feet Nail art Design collection2012, 2013

Popular Nail Polish Colors: Beautiful Nail Art Design

  • Sephora Red light 6: Bright shade magenta color. It looks very attractive and cool try it once.

  • Nars Bohemia: This transparent and nude type  color. It doesn’t fade.

  • L’oreal Mango-Get-Em:  This is very in cool,attractive and awesome try it.


Avoid Dangerous Chemicals: Flower Nail Polish Art

  • When nail polish needs to be removed.Instead of using hard chemical of acetone solution use non acetone nail polish removers. This will keep nails healthy.
  • Alternative procedures can be used to remove this. But never used acetone solutions.



Apply Two Coats: Stylish Bubbling Nail Polish Art

  • If you want to give a professional look. You must apply two coats of polish.
  • Always remember dry your coats.
  • After applying 1st coat at least wait for 10 minutes. After this apply 2nd coat.



Things Required For Polishing: Cute Nail Polish Art Design

  • Choose nail polish with a good brand.
  • Collect some cotton balls.
  • Use Clothes as a precautions. Nail polish, newspaper,towel.
  • Paint nails in ventilated room.
  • Keep you nose away from the polish.
  • Use Cotton to take off old nail polish.



Rub Nail Polish: Latest Nail Polish Art 

  • Rub nail polish for 30-60 sec to warm the nail polish to remove the air bubble.
  • Never shake nail polish. This can create air bubble inside the polish.
  • Before using nail polish apply transparent nail polish base.


Start From Middle: Cherry Nail Polish Art

  • When you starts polishing your nails. Keep in mind always start from the middle.
  • If polish looks thin do not worry. Apply 2nd coat when 1st coat dries.
  • If still polish looks think you can apply one more coat. Now after the 3rd coat polish looks smooth. If still it looks think then its mean your nail polish brand is not good.
  • Try to use L’oreal nails polishes.



Paint Clear Transparent Polish: Nail Polish Design For Beginners

  • Apply a transparent layer of polish after you applying colored polishes.
  • This will create a shiny affects on your nails.
  • Nails will start appearing cool and attractive. Try these steps you will feel a new look.



Apply Stickers: Heart Nail Polish Art

  • Now you can apply stickers to five nails a new look.
  • In the following image sticker is applied after painting.
  • You can buy stickers for where you buy nail polishes.



  • Nail Designs & 30 Nail Polish Tips
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