35 Underwater Photographs That Stand Out

While we’ve become accustomed to most people being able to take compelling and rivoting photograph’s, one aspect of photography that will never cease to amaze me is underwater photography. Depending on the camera you have or the resources at your disposal, it can be a difficult field to conquer but with the right can-do attitude and a few simple tips from yours truly, you could be in one of our next showcases.

Stay Close

Some of the best underwater photographs are taken at a very close distance. If you’re in an ocean or sea, taking close ups of the wildlife or ocean around you can create magnificent results.

Be Brave

As you can see, mostly everything you can think of has been done with underwater photography. Be brave and have fun when shooting underwater, whether it is fashion photography or abstract, or photography of sea life in the ocean.

Look after your equipment

Make sure you look after your equipment. While the cameras are created to be underwater, maintenance is key or you’ll be looking at a short shelf life for your camera. Your o-rings should be cleaned and greased regularly.

Now – without further adieu – some of the most amazing underwater photography you will ever lay your eyes on.

Best Underwater Photography

1. New Dancing Underwater

Dancing Water - Underwater Photography

2. Dancing Underwater

Dancing Photograph

3. Behance Underwater

Behance Underwater 1

4. Hope for Paws

Tiger Underwater Photograph

5. H2O2

Underwater Photography

6. Green Beauty

Green Beauty

7. Butterfly

Butterfly Photograph

8. Bride Drowning

Bride Drowing Photograph

9. The Kiss

The Kiss Photograph

10. Hope for Paws 2

Hope For Paw

11. Human Elements

Human Elements

12. Underwater

Underwater Photography

13. Underwater Sunrise

Underwater Sunrise Photograph

14. Ecstasy

Ecstasy Photograph

15. Underwater Reflection

Reflection Photograph

16. Elena

Elena Underwater

17. Jellyfish

Jelly Fish Photograph

18. H2O2

Underwater Photography

19. TYR

TYR Photograph

20. Asleep

Asleep Photograph

21. Tragic Beauty

Tragic Photography

22. The Muse

The Muse Underwater

23. The Lady Killer

Lady Killer Photograph

24. Behance Underwater 2

Behance Underwater 2

25. This must be underwater love

Underwater Love

26. Kiera


27. Miss. Underwater

Miss Underwater Photography

28. King Penguins Swimming

King Penguins Swimming

29. Manta Rays, Hanifaru Bay, Maldives

Maldives Photographs

30. Manatee and Fish

Manatee and Fish

31. Jellyfish Swarm, Palau

Jelly Fish Underwater

32. Coconut Island Fish

Coconut Island Fish

33. Tube Anemone, Bali

Tube Anemone

34. Striped Butterfly Fish

Striped Butterfly Fish

35. Underwater Photo

Underwater Fish

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