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45 Useful jQuery Tutorials And Techniques For Better UI


There are lots of jQuery tutorials available on net, if you want to learn jQuery on slow pace, but to find the best tutorials is hard. Here are some best jQuery examples and tutorials to help you learn jQuery fast and keep you on the right track.

These 45 jQuery tutorials will help you to create accordion, slideshow, plugin, menus and slider gallery.

1. jQuery plugin: Easy Accordion

Utilization of jQuery as one of the applications are very varied, especially functionality and usability of these jQuery. One is how to make an application accordion becomes easier for you to do.

2. Simple Tooltip w/ jQuery & CSS

There are so many applications and plugins that you can use in conjunction with the features found on jQuery, one of which is a feature that you can use tooltips on CSS code.

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3. Coda Popup Bubbles

As one of the applications that are not yet widely used, especially on the Mac, make Coda become one of the interesting tools for you to try, for example for application and web development.

4. Annotation Overlay Effect with jQuery

Much we can do with the existence of such jQuery applications, one feature that is quite interesting and you can use as an animated feature on your blog or website is “Annotation overlay Effect”. This feature is very nice and quite interesting for you to try.

5. Exposure Jquery Plugin

To produce images that you can view modifications, both in terms of look, slide, image size, and multiple applications related to image.

6. Build an RSS Reader with jQuery Mobile

Some applications that you can use to gain backlinks is to use widgets including RSS reader. Where in this application we can know the number of readers of a blog that will always get updates from our blog.

7. Randomizer App w/ jQuery

Utilization of various jQuery-based applications that is very helpful to optimize the various features available on a web design. One thing you can do with jQuery application is a feature of “randomizer”.

8. Full Page Image Gallery with jQuery

Web design is equipped with a full image gallery are usually used for websites that contain about design and the like. To make this kind of application features, jQuery also been equipped with some source code that you can modify.

9. jQuery Tabbed Interface/ Tabbed Structure Menu Tutorial

Structures built on the application and some source code will certainly help you in arranging the layout and also design a web site. You only need to do some steps to get the best results.

10. jQuery plugin: Easy List Splitter

Interested to try the other features of jQuery? Applications and various kinds of features you can get by utilizing the features and facilities contained in the jQuery source code.

11. Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery

A website will be more interesting if it comes with several features that are easy to navigate, including the existence of multiple slides box facilities, mainly for convenience in choosing menus. jQuery code you can use to do so.

12. bgStretcher – jQuery Plugin

Display an attractive website, often affects visitors to better know the contents of the website. Some simple features that you can apply for the website display becomes more appealing is by using a background as a screen from view the website itself. Query which has many features and facilities can do so.

13. Image Cross Fade Transition

To create an animated image, you can use jQuery and also an application to modify various types of image transition.

14. Slider Gallery

Slider gallery is a feature that uses some kind of image that will be used as an animation in it. jQuery you can use to make the feature. With the existing code, you can create a slider gallery according to your wishes.

15. Custom Animation Banner with jQuery

To attract visitors of a web is usually some interesting features in it deliberately in pairs. For example, by placing banner animation.

16. Wijmo – jQuery UI Widgets

Many things you can do with the existence of jQuery applications, such as the manufacture of some types of widgets. There are so many types and widget view that you can use, such as charts, sliders image, grid, and some graphics applications.

17. Quick Feedback Form w/ PHP and jQuery

Many business applications that use the mailing list form feedback form. Where with this kind of application form, businesses can get a list of potential customers, so it’s easier to follow up on these customers. The making of this application will be easier with features that are available on the jQuery system.

18. Creating a Dynamic Poll with jQuery and PHP

To create a feature polls, you can do through some jQuery and PHP applications. There is little difference for editing code on each feature you want to use.

19. Creating A Slick Ajaxed Add-To-Basket With jQuery And PHP

Business applications are widely used on various websites that sell various goods. For the features used are “added to chart”. There are many applications that can be used to make this kind of feature, for example by using jQuery and PHP.

20. Create a unique Gallery by using z-index and jQuery

Various types and features you can get in some more websites that feature gallery application. Some examples gallery that often you come across them is shaped slider.

21. Floating HTML Menu Using jQuery and CSS

To make a wide range of menu display on a website often required an understanding of the functions of a source code, especially if you wish to make application to the features found on jQuery and CSS.

22. Pretty checkboxes with jQuery

The use of check boxes often can we meet on a few websites that aim to online surveys. There are many types and appearance of the features found on a check box. You can make a variety of applications of this kind, for example with a more attractive appearance.

23. Create an amazing music player using mouse gestures and hotkeys in jQuery

Create a music player that is quite interesting and attractive you can do through a programming language. Some of the applications contained in jQuery you can modify to produce a good display and music player equipped with various features.

24. Simple jQuery Spy Effect

I guess you will not find it difficult to develop some code that is contained in the application of jQuery. One proof of the benefits of jQuery code is able to make a variety of features, like Spy Effect.

25. Create an Amazon Books Widget with jQuery and XML

Do you like an online business? One such site is quite well-known online business is Amazon. Do you want to take part in the market Amazon products through your blog? With this application you can use through jQuery, some features and widgets you can use the Amazon with a little modification at existing code.

26. Building a jQuery Image Scroller

Display animation on a web site would be more interesting if it is equipped with a variety of images, particularly three dimensional images. In addition, you also can adopt jQuery applications for further maximize the scroll view that you created.

27. Make a Mega Drop-Down Menu with jQuery

To simplify the process of navigation on some sites and blogs, use the drop down menu will be very helpful, especially for that who want a simpler blog but does not reduce the function of the application. To make this kind of application, you can use jQuery application.

28. Animate Image Filling Up Using jQuery

Actually, to create animated images are not too difficult. To do this you only need to prepare an existing image, for example by editing via Photoshop. After that, to create the impression of animation, some applications you can use, one of which is jQuery.

29. Sexy Drop Down Menu w/ jQuery & CSS

Although the function of the drop down menu looks very simple, but if you are able to create and display a combination of drop down button becomes more attractive, it is not impossible that this will give the impression visitors of your website.

30. Outside the Box Navigation with jQuery

Actually, to make the navigation buttons on a website not too difficult. With the help of a few applications, then you can make some shapes and design a navigation button, so that your website look more attractive when compared with the navigation keys are still standard.

31. Create simple tooltips with CSS and jQuery – Part 2

Display tooltips some applications you can integrate with several existing jQuery code. The purpose of this application is to perfect some form of tooltips that ever existed, such as the use of some applications do not need.

32. jQuery Sequential List

The use of some jQuery code can you combine to make a variety of lists on a particular application. And if you’re having trouble, you can try some changes to this code.

33. Fading Menu – Replacing Content

To make fundamental changes on a website, you can do it through some existing HTML source code. Only needed a little editing of some code from the default values to the value that you want.

34. Animated Menus Using jQuery

Use the navigation menus with animated display widely used in flash website.It is intended that the website look more attractive, but the most important thing is not to such animated features became more severe at the time of the website loading. To make some animated menus, you can use the features of jQuery.

35. Create a Cool Animated Navigation with CSS & jQuery

For some people, use the navigation menu is quite animated will be more attractive when compared with a menu that is static. This is because with the menu or button would be more interesting animated visitors of a website. How to make it? You can create a menu via some web design applications, such as CSS and jQuery.

36. Submit A Form Without Page Refresh using jQuery

One feature that is used to interact with visitors of a website is with the menu “submit form”. Where these features can you find in some survey website, business, and others. Features can submit your form with a few modifications of existing code in jQuery, and also can you change the layout of the form.

37. Making a Custom YouTube Video Player

Using video as facilities of media presentation in person, be one alternative in conveying information to others. Currently, nearly every site is always equipped with the feature “live video”, such as YouTube, Metacafe, and several other online video applications. Various video displays can be made in accordance with your wishes.

38. Blockster transition effect

Various forms of animation can you make with the help of jQuery applications, such as sliders, drop down menus, gallery, and various other animated displays. This application is a combination of flash with some specific programming language web design, such as jQuery.

39. Build a POI map using jQuery & Google Maps v3

Since the Google maps application some time ago, developments in information technology more so easy. With Google maps application, many benefits can you meet, such as the location of a place and others. To be able to use this kind of application, you also can use the jQuery code for that purpose.

40. Thumbnails Navigation Gallery with jQuery

Several types of navigation buttons you can use such created applications with jQuery. One of the results of a code contained in this application is that you can make a navigation menu using some of these images as navigation buttons. Given these features, then a website will appear more attractive.

41. Animated Form Switching with jQuery

As a means to interact with others, especially visitors of a website, often we are asked to register if you want to join the site. The use of application “form” is absolutely necessary. In order to view an online form looks attractive; there are some modifications you can do, especially on the code used to build the form.

42. Animate Panning Slideshow with jQuery

Animated feature currently already widely used in several websites, especially the flash website design. Such application is intended to make it more attractive appearance of the website. Some features and types of animation can be your own create accordance with our wishes.

43. Sponsor Flip Wall With jQuery & CSS

Use wall flip on some websites is very useful as a means of promoting a website by placing a banner on the layout of the website. This application provides a separate display for you, especially those that have a product to be marketed. This application is more likely to use the animation feature based “flash”.

44. Contextual Slideout Tips With jQuery & CSS3

Many things you can do using jQuery application, one of which is the code used to create a slide out that also functions as a navigation button on your website. This application has a view that is quite interesting. Besides, you also can easily create this kind of feature.

45. jQuery Syntax Highlighter

Some of the code associated with CSS, HTML, jQuery, and several other applications that mutual support will help you in learning some of the code needed to build a web design.


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