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5 Elements Of A Successful Web Design


Now that the internet has become a regular part of today’s society, web surfers have become increasingly more particular with their expectations.  With hundreds of thousands of different types of sites in every category possible, it is easy to move on to the next best thing.

Web designers must have a firm grasp on the concepts that make the highest impact on potential clients.  It takes delicate balance of many different elements to create a well-designed website.  Designers may not have a strict template or plan when creating, but there are a few universal standards every designer keep in mind.

About Us

Not only is it common practice for a website to contain an “About Us” section, but it is also essential for especially small businesses.  This is a chance for site owners to express who they are, what their business is about, and why potential clients need their services.

This section can outline company policies or philosophies, mission statements, and even top employee’s commitment to service.  Post positive business accomplishments and user testimonials to highlight the company’s societal contributions.

Blog presence

Build an informative blog presence for a wider range of viewership.  Clearly lay out the different types of information being presented, and keep the selection methods simple and easy to understand.  Here is an excellent example of a well-designed blog.  Use bold texts and allow for proper spacing.

Utilize opened space

Most new web designers tend to shy away from leaving open spaces on their site, but that may be a bad way to go.  Free space on a website actually makes users feel a bit calmer than the sight of a fully loaded page.

Maintain uniform spatial relations throughout the site’s design.  Keep the spacing between text and other elements of the page consistent.  The spaces between paragraphs should also be uniform.

Contact Information

There is always a need for the “Contact Us” button to be present, no matter the kind of information the website is presenting.  The “Contact Us” feature of the site allows for customer feedback and interaction with site creators.

Make this section of the website highly visible and easy to find.  Provide information such as a viable phone number, brick and mortar address, or a contact form equipped with the opportunity to share opinions, questions, and comments with site designers.

Call to action

A call to action induces the urge to fulfill a need.  Users love to help.  They also love freebies.  Incorporate the word free into anything, and it becomes an instant attention-grabber.  It is not an unusual concept to consider a web page to be a gateway to action.  Join a mailing group or fan club.  Whatever the case may be, instill urgency in users.


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