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5 Interesting iPad Applications for Typography Maniacs


Most people have passions in life and, if yours is typography, you aren’t alone. Typography junkies are everywhere. Some are graphic designers who love incorporating unique typographical elements into their work. Others are simply individuals who possess a deep appreciation for how creative professionals maximize the beauty of the written word.

Regardless of the root of your passion for typography, you can now feed this obsession at any time by downloading the most popular iPad typography apps. Here are five of the best apps currently flooding the typography world.

1. TypeDrawing


One of the most creative uses for typography is constructing drawings using only fonts, which is the premise behind the TypeDrawing app. This well designed and low-priced app has received outstanding reviews and is great for both typography junkies and graphic artists. After viewing the creations made by other artists using TypeDrawing, you will never want to be without this app.

2. iFontMaker


If you want to create a font from your unique handwriting, check out the iFontmaker app. You can email your newly created fonts or save them as TTF files to use with various programs.

The app also includes a composing function where you can preview how a string of text would appear in your original font. iFontMaker has received glowing reviews and is a worthwhile addition to your iPad apps collection.

3. Font Book

Font Book

After creating and downloading so many fonts, you need a platform to view and compare them, right? Install the Font Book iPad app to do just that. With Font Book, you can view various fonts at once and easily determine which typeface is the most appropriate. While Font Book doesn’t include any of the crazily creative functions appearing in other apps, it’s a fully functional and practical addition to your app collection.

4. HelvetiNote


Most iPad users have searched high and low for an effective note-taking app only to be disappointed with what they find. Well, HelvitiNote has resolved this dilemma by providing a wonderfully developed note taking platform unlike anything else currently available.

Switch between doodling and typing with ease to simulate the natural pen and paper note-taking process. Never again will you lose scraps of note taking paper by transferring these processes to HelvetiNote.

5. Writer


At times, effective typography means stripping elements to the bare essentials. If you believe this, then the Writer app is intended for you.

Although it doesn’t include the creative bells and whistles of some iPad apps, Writer does take the guess work out of font selection and page formatting by optimizing these elements for your intended platform. Writers who are also iPad users can definitely benefit from the Writer app.

There is no denying the power of typography. People encounter fonts countless times every day. While some take no notice of these typographical elements, those typographic junkies in the world not only notice these elements, but live for them. Never has it been easier to release your inner typography lover than by taking full advantage of the latest technological advances such as iPad apps.

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