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5 Niche Areas To Include In Your Web Development Structure


Part of creating the best web development structure possible is setting up room for certain niche elements are related to your main content topic. There are untold billions of websites out there that have so much general information, that it’s almost impossible to stand out unless you are dealing with something specific and have advanced knowledge of it. Keeping that in mind while you’re developing web structure is key.

And a few examples of ways to have these separate areas in your site is to carve out positions for things like root causes of problems, detailed biographies of employees or owners, a listing of primary citations of facts, some sort of page with a countdown or timer, and a detailed page with links to more information, contacts, or further resources.

The Root Cause

A lot of companies aim to solve a problem. But for people browsing the web searching for answers, sometimes what they’re looking for specifically is the root cause analysis of an issue. Depending on your industry, there are all different sort of ways that you can approach the presentation of what problem you’re solving, but during your development and design stage, make sure that there’s a practical way to include this type of information on a page.

The Biography Page

One thing that will separate one company from another is the design of the biography page. Sometimes companies are selling nearly identical goods and services. From an outside perspective then, the best thing that you can do is clearly define who will be working, what their background is, what theories they have about life, and why they’re doing what they’re doing. An awesomely designed biography page will do exactly this.

The Citations Page

In this world of fake news and faker news, it’s more important than ever to have citations regarding everything that you would consider as a fact. And that means creating a citations page or resource inside your website. And no self-referential stuff. People see right through that these days.

A Timer Or Countdown

Another good, attention-grabbing aspect to consider working into your overall web development scheme is to create a timer or countdown. It almost doesn’t even matter what the countdown is for. It could be a sale. Or a date of an event. But the point of creating it would be for people who specifically come back to websites in order to check on progress. This is a psychological ‘in’ for folks who appreciate a more concrete set of time in their lives.

More Information, Contacts, and Resources List

And finally, for internet users who are looking for depth in their searches, it’s always important to create a customized information, contacts, and resources list somewhere on your site. This has links to email addresses, primary sources, related industries, and back information on anything that your company provides.

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