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5 Photoshop Mistakes to Avoid


You have Photoshop, you know how to use it and you are prepared to go all out. We have all been there, especially in the beginning. But whether you are a professional or an amateur, there are plenty of common mistakes people make that you will want to make sure you avoid. Some are common sense, some are easy to spot and others you might not even know you are doing.

Here are five things you should always make sure you never do:

Overuse of Photoshop

Overusing Photoshop

Guess what? People can tell when something has been too obviously Photoshopped. Go online and you will inevitably find the "It looks shopped, I can tell by the pixels" joke. This AIDS charity unfortunately didn’t get the memo. The first thing you will notice is the overdone sunflower background. But look closer at the bike itself. The background was so overdone that it broke into the main image and left the bike with half a wheel and pedal.

You see this all the time, with designers who want something busy in the background to catch your eye. Keeping the subject on a plain background would not only have been more visually appealing, but it would have been easier for them to spot their mistake.

Missing Limbs

Photoshop Missing Limbs

It is amazing how much time magazine editors will spend airbrushing their models into impossibly perfect specimens, and then remove whole limbs from their bodies. For example, this Stuff model was sitting there innocently posing in front of a pool when someone stole her leg! Her leg is in every other picture, but appears to have been tragically eaten by passing sharks. Not one to be unprofessional for a moment, she apparently continued on with the shoot without a flinch.

Alternately, there might be too many limbs. Here we see a woman walking along a beach alone. Already, she seems awkward by the way she is moving like an extra person is there, but invisible. Looking closer, we see that is exactly what happened…there is an extra hand from the person who was shopped out of the photo.

Tiny Details

Photoshop Tiny Details

The little things are noticeable. If you screw up an angle, it might not be that big of a deal. But what about those much more obvious tiny details that will make the viewer do a double take?

For example, this picture of a Playboy model from Brazil appears to have no belly button. Here is another woman who has apparently been built in a lab rather than born. This one has a middle so small that her organs much be in mini size.

Perhaps by favorite example is this one. The man’s hand is really a woman’s, with long nails and all. The woman’s arm is backward with the elbow facing in. Even her knee is off kilter.


Photoshop Reflections

When there are too many reflections – or not enough – it is a subtle problem that still manages to look very unprofessional when caught. But it is perhaps the most common mistake made with Photoshopped images. Look at these clouds in the water…most of them are not in the sky to begin with.

Floating Objects

Photoshop Floating Objects

I should say right now that I could have this one all wrong. It might not be a Photoshop mistake at all…she might be part of the X-Men. Her power is being able to levitate and mentally toss plates at her enemies. Her name could be Dishtosso. But if that isn’t the case, the designer fell into the common mistake of leaving an item unfixed and so flloating in midair.


These are all such stupid mistakes to make, and some are very obvious. Don’t do it yourself, and remember that Photoshop is a tool, not a toy.

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