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5 Simple Elements That Will Boost Website Efficiency


Increasing a company’s website conversion rates is easier than one may think.  There are several common elements of web design that are known for drawing in more visitors to any type of website.

A seasoned designer might know a slew of secrets and tricks to boost traffic, but many small business owners play several roles in operations and know very little about web design.  Take a moment, for the sake of research, and check out a few of the most essential components of a successful web design.

About Us

A well-built website will always come equipped with a bright and confident “About Us” section.  This is the place where people should share their experiences and success stories.

The “About Us” page should tell the viewer what the company represents.  The page should reflect the business’s mission statement and creed.  It is a company’s chance to place their excellence on display.

Contact Us

Every website needs a useful and interactive “Contact Us” page.  The link to the page should be large and bold to be seen by web users easily.  The same rule should be observed when it comes to the “About Us” page.  If viewers cannot find what they are looking for within the first few seconds of viewing the home page, then they are far more likely to move onto another website.

A well-designed “Contact Us” page will allow potential customers to talk with representatives of the company and seek out answers to any challenging inquiries.  Here is a well-built “Contact Us” web page.  This page should contain a brick and mortar address for the company, an email address that is actively maintained, or a section to leave comments and questions.

Blog presence

A company’s blog can be one of the most useful marketing tools in their proverbial toolbox.  The blog is where the people really get to know the character and personality of the company.  Blog entries should be enticing and informative.

A bland blog full of business jargon and a load of marketing nonsense will only turn web users away from a website.  Make sure to put a bit of effort into the articles that are posted on the company’s blog.

Clean and concise

A clean and concise design to a website will help to retain visitor’s interest longer.  Contrary to popular belief, littering a homepage with loads of information is not the way to make people feel comfortable.  Clear spacing and bold text are best.  Keep the website well organized and easy to navigate.

Social Media

Social media is so fluently integrated into the world’s daily functions that it would be a shame to not include this element in a web design.  Always allow surfers the ability to “share” any information they find interesting.  Link to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media giants to pave the way for free marketing.

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