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5 Steps To Get a Job as a Software Engineer


Many people have discovered the joys and advantages of pursuing a career as a software engineer. It is a good thing people are pursuing it because the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that software developers can expect 24 percent growth around the country over the next decade. However, with so many people pursuing degrees in software engineering, there is a lot of competition. Even after you get a degree, you still need to land your first job, and here are some tips to keep in mind during the job hunt.

1. Write a Stellar Resume and Cover Letter

In general, you do not want to send the exact same resume to every job you apply for. The reason is that different hiring managers will want different things out of applicants even if both jobs are for software engineers. Therefore, you need to customize your resume and cover letter to exactly what the employer wants. You can get a good sense of what the hiring manager is looking for by reviewing the job listing at length. You should also review your application multiple times to ensure it is free of spelling or grammatical errors.

2. Network With Professionals in the Field

There are many online job boards where you can find open positions, but you can also learn about new opportunities through networking. Many people are hesitant to attend networking events, especially if they are introverted. It is important to remember never to feel intimidated because a lot of other people are probably just as nervous as you. Set a goal to meet three or four people and even if you do not get any leads for software engineer jobs in Seattle, you improve upon your social interaction skills.

3. Prepare for a Technical Interview

You should prepare for a standard interview where the hiring manager asks you questions such as “What is your biggest weakness?” However, you should also prepare for the more technical aspects of the interview. The employer may ask you to write out some code on the whiteboard, and you do not want this to take you by surprise.

4. Create a Portfolio

In addition to a resume and cover letter, you also want to make a portfolio displaying some of the projects you have worked on in the past. Ideally, the projects will be similar to the ones you will have to do at this company if you get the job. For instance, if you apply to be a software developer for apps, then it would be advantageous to have at least one app to show.

5. Do Not Worry

When on the job hunt, it is easy to feel stressed. However, as long as you put in your due diligence, you really have nothing to fear. There is a high demand for software engineers at the moment, so you are bound to find a great company eventually that wants to hire you. Additionally, once you get your foot in the door at one business, it will become much easier to get other jobs in the future.

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