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5 Ways Art Can Improve Your Personal Life


Does this sound like a familiar situation? You’ve started dating someone and have worked your way through the usual tick-list of romantic dating venues: cafés, wine bars, cinemas, restaurants, picnics in the park, theatres. What next? The solution to keeping your partner hooked on your company comes in three letters. Art. Most of us take art for granted. But can you imagine what the world would look like without art? It would be infinitely greyer and duller. So here are five ways art can really inject colour into your personal life.

Art Festivals

A bit of searching online will uncover all the details you need about any art festivals in your vicinity. They occur in towns and cities across the UK, with smaller get-togethers in rural settings. These make a tremendous social backdrop because there is always so much to do.

Why not combine a trip to an arts festival with a few days away? The Edinburgh Festival is the world’s largest such event, containing various separate festivals running concurrently. These cover every possible taste – jazz, blues, poetry, dramas, musicals, rock gigs, dance events, book signings and so much more. Arts festivals always have a tremendous buzz, with pubs gaining late licenses to keep punters satiated.

Snapping together

Grab a camera each or ensure your phones are charged then head out to compose a portfolio of eye-catching photographs. There’s an element of challenge to capturing memorable images, so once you embark on your project you’ll find you bond quickly. Debating the best angles to do justice to a particular scene will draw you closer. There will be ample opportunities to snuggle closer as you check out your viewfinders.

Art on display

Galleries are a feast for the imagination. There is something for everyone, from installations to sculpture, pop art to renaissance masterpieces.  Strolling around the exhibits will encourage you to appreciate the offerings together. Sometimes there will be areas cordoned off for intimate filmshows where you can get closer in the dark.

You’ll be surrounded by a variety of fellow art lovers, from international students to married women looking for men!


Bringing art into your home is something you can easily collaborate with. Everything from the covers of your favourite albums to copies of Warhol classics can be purchased in gallery shops or via auction websites. You can have fun debating which ones to choose, and once they arrive in their cardboard tubes, you can unfurl them and select where to position the poster for maximum effect.


Everyone loves listening to music. But having the talent to create your own sounds will take your relationship to a new dimension. Why not select an instrument each – keyboard, guitar, kazoo – then sit through YouTube tutorials and learn together. Who needs someone else to compose love songs?

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