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60 Amazing & Creative Portfolio Websites


I am a graphic-web designer and i know how difficult it is to design your own personal creative and effective portfolio web site because you want it to be perfect all the way. Don’t know about others but i am too lazy to update my portfolio. But i really like to browse other portfolio web sites so today i decided to compile amazing and creative portfolio web sites.

There are thousands of web designers trying to show their creativity. I tried to list those portfolio web sites which are more creative and unique. Here are 60 amazing portfolio web sites.

Please note that these are not listed in any particular order.

1. Jay Hafling

Jay Hafling is a designer from Ukraine having experience of 6 years.

Jay Hafling Portfolio

2. Alex Buga

A flash portfolio web site.

alex-buga interactive agency

3. Emotions Live

Portfolio of Mike, a freelance web graphic designer.

Mike's Portfolio

4. Digital Mash

Portfolio of Rob Morris, an Australian graphic designer.

Digital Mash

5. Taufiq Ridha

Web and Graphic Designer who lives in Jakarta.

Taufiq Ridha Portfolio

6. Pojeta

An illustrator’s portfolio.

Pojeta Portfolio

7. Brad Colbow

Brad Colbow is a web designer, illustrator and cartoonist.

Brad Colbow

8. Kulturbanause

Kulturbanause, the private blog & portfolio of Jonas Hellwig, Düsseldorf (Germany) based Webdesigner.


9. Alexandru Cohaniuc

Alexandru Cohaniuc, a web designer from Chisinau, Moldova.

Alexandru Cohaniuc

10. Design Disease

Design Disease provides cost-effective Web design services focused on usability, accessibility and Web standards.

Design Disease provides cost-effective Web design services

11. Adaptd

AdaptD is a small web design and development firm based in Bucharest, Romania.


12. Veboo Labs

Veboo Labs is an experienced team of web designers and developers focused on providing highest quality.

Veboo Labs

13. Dawghouse Design Studio

This is a personal website, visual playground and testing ground of Jan.

Dawghouse Design Studio

14. Freshivore

Designer is specialize in delivering effective, long-lasting, good-quality Web sites that meet my clients’ goals.


15. Dizzain

Dizzain Inc. is a New York Web Design Company focusing on custom web solutions, logo design and WordPress themes.


16. Web Design Beach

Web Design Beach is based out of San Diego, California and Amsterdam, Holland.

Web Design Beach

17. Patagonia Creative

Simple solutions for complex projects – Web Design & Graphics.

Patagonia Creative

18. Monofactor

Portfolio of Onur Oztaskiran, currently located in Turkey.


19. James Lai Creative

Developing dynamic and beautiful sites for nearly 10 years.

James Lai Creative

20. Galan Design

Portfolio of Ramiro Galan having experience in a variety of areas from strategic user centered design to brand design and development.

Galan Design

21. Pikaboo

Brussels based motion graphic studio.


22. Jeffrey Sarmiento

Jeffrey Sarmiento is a web designer living in Toronto, Canada.

Jeffrey Sarmiento

23. Marc Dahmen

An interactive flash portfolio.

Marc Dahmen

24. Dean Oakley

Portfolio of Dean Oakley, a web designer and developer from Gold Coast, Australia.

Dean Oakley

25. Bcandullo

Online portfolio of Brad Candullo. Interactive Designer / Developer.


26. 13 Creative

Portfolio of Jen, founder of 13 Creative.

13 Creative

27. We Bleed Design

This is the portfolio site of Bryan Katzel.

We Bleed Design

28. Nile Inside

Online showcase and portfolio of Nile Studio.


29. Okay Dave

An interactive portfolio of Dave Werner.

Okay Dave

30. Thibaud

Thibaud’s portfolio, a freelance CG artist from Belgium.


31. In Trozo

Personal portfolio of Eduardo Valdivieso.

In Trozo

32. Foxie

A full team of professionals, performing all kinds of works, from idea to prepress, from design layout to programming.


33. Kino

Open Space and portfolio of kino aka Andrea Banchini.


34. Ed Peixoto

A self-taught Brazilian art director/designer.

Ed Peixoto

35. Hello Karl

Hellokarl is Charles Kalpakian’s portoflio. Young french designer based in Paris.

Hello Karl

36. Keithar

Design portfolio of Sebastian Witman, a Young web designer based in Tartaczna.


37. Studio E-Space

Online portfolio and personal WEB space of Studio E-Space.

Studio E-Space

38. Seb Design

“sebdesign.eu” can’t be defined with one word. From functional design to abstract illustrations, bold shapes to fine details, colourful palette, using imagination and hard work.

Seb Design

39. B.N.Weiss

Online portfolio & personal WEB space of NYC Designer Benjamin Weiss.


40. New Concept

Portfolio of Szabolcs Bakos, a web and graphic designer from Salgotarjan, Hungary.

New Concept

41. Sprawsm

Online portfolio of Superawesome, a small and affordable design firm specialized in visual design for the modern Web.


42. Jek2k

Online Work Space and portfolio of Nicolò Volpato.


43. Nine Lion Design

The Design Portfolio of Chikezie Ejiasi.

Nine Lion Design

44. David Hellmann

Portfolio of David Hellmann, a 24 year old young web designer from cologne, Germany.

David Hellmann

45. Rockatee

Rockatee is a tiny design studio led by a single German web and front-end designer & developer.


46. Octwelve

Personal blog of web designer,Luc Melgar.


47. Tvrdek

Personal effective portfolio of Jiri Tvrdek, a 26 year old freemind freelance graphic designer based in Prague.


48. Osvaldas

Web designer and developer based in Vilnius, a capital of a brave country – Lithuania.


49. Big Sweater Design

Big Sweater Design was born around the fourth quarter of 2005. It’s a one-man show, run by me, Vincent Maglione.

Big Sweater Design

50. Toby Powell

Web design, identity and 3D visualisation. Built according to the latest web standards.

Toby Powell

51. Tony Geer

Portfolio of Tony Geer, a web designer.

Tony Geer

52. Leigh Taylor

Online showcase of selected works of Leigh Taylor.

Leigh Taylor

53. Matt Dempsey

Online Portfolio of Matt Dempsey.

Matt Dempsey

54. Mediocore

Portfolio of David Arazim, a Graphic Designer from Czech Republic.


55. Thuiven

Portfolio and Work Space of Thuiven, an Israeli company specializing in giving web design and development services.


56. Mcjdj

Texturing and modelling portfolio of Carolina Jesus, A UK based young female Environment Artist.


57. Injection Design

Portfolio of Chan Karunamuni, founder of Injection Design – a design consultancy.

Injection Design

58. Colour Pixel

Portfolio of Nag, a designer from Hyderabad.

Colour Pixel

59. Kailoon

Portfolio of Kailoon, a web designer from Malaysia.


60. CodingMonkeys

Web design and branding solutions.


I am sorry if i missed your portfolio :). But if you think you are more creative tell me i will include your site in list too.

  • 60 Amazing & Creative Portfolio Websites
    [See the full post at: 60 Amazing & Creative Portfolio Websites]

  •  Jan

    Thank you for including me in this list! 🙂

  •  Geng Gao

    A beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing them!

  •  web designer nyc

    nice posting

  •  Olivia

    Oh thank you so much! I am creating a portfolio and I couldn’t find anything recent or accurate to find some inspiration on Google! Great list!

  •  TravisG

    Great inspiration! I’m reworking my portfolio for graduation, and this is one of the best lists I’ve found.


  •  Saad Habib

    Great Inspiration ! and thanks for sharing

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    Nice one 🙂

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    Really awesome!!!

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    Very nice designs

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    Amazing collection, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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    So many amazing samples here wow!!
    This is a very good place for true inspiration!

  •  Jack Davis

    Great list! Some really fresh designs!

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    o.o.o.o.o.oooo…… Thank you for including me in this list!


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