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7 Helpful Tips for Redesigning a Website


Simple tips for an Amazing Website Redesign

Few things are more daunting to a business owner than a website redesign. With so much advice on what you should and shouldn’t do, which styles customers respond to, what SEO requirements are important, and everything in between, it seems overwhelming and stressful. And while it’s certainly not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination, it doesn’t have to be anxiety inducing. With the following seven helpful tips, you can redesign your website and reap the benefits for years to come.

Survey the situation
You have to start with your unique situation. Remember that your target market, brand values, and other goals differ from that of your competition. While you can learn valuable information from other websites, you eventually have to hone it in on yourself. Think of it like the process of furnishing a home. It’s a delicate process that requires you to consider a number of different elements. And just because the property you’re furnishing is identical to the unit next door doesn’t mean you should copy what they do. No, you have to think about all of your unique circumstances and proceed from there.

Brainstorm specific goals
Once you have an idea of your situation, you can brainstorm specific goals for your redesign. Are you looking to become a thought leader and resourceful website, or is your aim to create a website and sell dozens of products through a seamless ecommerce platform? Depending on your aim, you’ll have different goals. Clearly write these goals out and use them to guide you along.

Speak with customers
Never undertake a redesign without first consulting your users and customers. If they currently enjoy your site, then there’s no reason to switch things up. However, if they frequently point out problem areas, you should probably listen. Here is a great example of a survey that one organization used for their redesign. This is just one way you can gauge customer perceptions.

Make it responsive
In 2015 and beyond, any website redesign should be responsive. With so many different devices in the marketplace, you need a website that adapts to user preferences and seamlessly transitions from browser to browser. It really doesn’t cost that much extra to go responsive either, so it’s must.

Emphasize simplicity and speed
Your goal for a website redesign should be to make your site as simple and fast as possible. Creating bulky, flash-heavy sites may look cool at first, but the newness wears off pretty quickly. It’s much preferred to have a fast, highly-functional and intuitive site. It’s easier for you to manage, and users find it more satisfying.

Pay for quality content
A website redesign isn’t all about visuals, themes, and layouts. Pay attention to creating quality content, too. Yes, the design will catch a user’s eye first, but it’s the content that will keep them engaged and push them through the conversion funnel.

Test, test, and test again
Finally, as soon as you think you’re done – begin the testing process. This process may be lengthy and you shouldn’t rush things. Prematurely publishing your website when it still has issues can ruin an entire re-launch. Take your time and test absolutely everything.
Are you ready for your website redesign? As you can see, the process isn’t as complicated as it may initially appear. By developing some goals and creating a strategy that helps you accomplish those goals, you can streamline the process and ensure everything goes quickly and smoothly. Ultimately, don’t forget to breathe a little. Yes, the process gets stressful at times, but it will all fall together if you’ve given it an appropriate amount of thought and careful planning.

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