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8 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Packed Community

It goes without saying that we are living in an era where almost everybody owes his own blog and he fills it up with innovative ideas or sometimes uses it to vent his spleen. But blogging is a very sensitive art; a number of people from different school of thoughts will be reading your blog posts. So you cannot just go on posting everything without any qualms of the feelings or taste of the others.


Converting your readers into a community is a challenging task. Grabbing the attention of readers and turning them into consistent visitors does not happen overnight. By and by readers start knowing each other and their interaction enhances about common interests or for seeking relevant help from each other. But all this process needs considerable amount of dedication from the respective blogger and then from the readers.

Here are a few tips that you can follow in order to turn your blog into a community:

1. Choice of Niche

The selection of relevant niche is the foremost thing in this regard. Always choose the area for which you have a natural flair and sound knowledge.

2. Narrow selection range of topics

Never be a reason of distraction for your readers! Choose all of your topics keeping in mind the range of your niche. It will help you to engage readers in healthy discussions.

3. User-friendly form

Choosing the most suitable blogging platforms can be a hard decision to make. However, WordPress and Blogger are handy options that provide built-in comment system that aren’t just easy to install but are also easy to comment on. One can also choose to display avatars to make it easier for the peers to identify each other.

4. Informative and up-to-date content

If your blog shares fresh and something unique, you are surely putting the right ingredient to entice the taste buds of your readers. Mostly people are chatters; you’ll just have to give them a reason to express their opinions. As a result, a hot discussion will pursue and the element of creativity will keep the ball rolling.

5. Always be in touch with the readers

Reader Interaction

Responding promptly without any delay to your readers is the best practice. It inspires them to visit the blog many times to share opinion. Your response serves as a catalyst to break the ice within community.

6. Install plug-ins to avoid spam

Gone are the days when SEO freaks could come and spam blogs. Installation of spam protective plug-ins can help to keep the blog dirt free. Note that WordPress is the only site to offer the feature of plug-ins. It surely influences genuine reader’s psyche and earn you a good name in industry.

Spam Fighting

7. Use your URL for online advertisement

Posting your blog’s URL in comments you make on other blogs is a good practice to bring more traffic. In fact make it a must-have part of email signatures. It surely helps to attract new users and enhance your readership.

8. Take care of it as your valuable asset

Being conscious and touchy about your blog is a must. It induces a sense of care in you. Timely moderation of your blog will help you to keep it clean from spam. Indeed it is a liability and one can’t sit all the day to fulfill it. Asking a close group of friends may help you to reduce your stress as a blog moderator.


Internet is piled up with interesting content. So building a loyal community is the only way to stand out from your competition. In a nutshell following these rules in true sense will help you achieve quick success in turning your blog into a loyal and packed community.

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