9 Best Chrome Extensions for Twitter

If you are using Google Chrome, which you should be, then here are some Chrome extensions for twitter which will give you more control on twitter and let you have more fun.

I have collected 9 best Google Chrome extensions for twitter which i think worth the install for anyone who uses Twitter. These extensions will help you to be more productive as these are specially designed for Twitter.

1. Chromed Bird

Chromed Bird is an awesome Twitter client extension for Google Chrome with lots of features.

chrome extensions for twitter

2. Twitter Share This Page

The easiest way to share web page on Twitter! Click the extension icon in Chrome address bar open Twitter tab with page title and page URL as a new status.

chrome extensions for twitter

3. Power Twitter for Chrome

Power Twitter currently overlays on the twitter.com website. We use the information on the website (such as your twitter name) to identify you and build a settings profile.

chrome extensions for twitter

4. Twitter Extender

Twitter Extender adds some necessary features to twitter.com, like old retweet style, direct message, url shorten service and lots of more.

chrome extensions for twitter

5. TwitterWatch – Real Time Twitter Update

TwitterWatch is the simplest tool to keep watch on hot Twitter keywords! Enter a keyword, press search, and you are done. TwitterWatch can coexist with other Twitter clients, without depleting update quotas.

chrome extensions for twitter

6. Twitter Creation Date

Displays the creation date of Twitter accounts on their profiles.

chrome extensions for twitter

7. Twitter Plus Plus

Twitter Plus Plus allows you to answer and retweet your friends without having to go and see the page or lose the thread.

chrome extensions for twitter

8. Twitter Photo Zoom

Adds large size preview images to your Twitter web.

chrome extensions for twitter

9. Tweetings for Twitter

Tweetings for Google Chrome is a Twitter client extension that allows you to follow your timelines and post Tweets.

nice chrome extensions for twitter

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