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9 Great Pop-Art and Movie-Related Retro Design Tutorials


With the Web.2 era upon us, the Internet has got shiny, 3-D and glossy. Ironically, the more advanced we get in terms of design and browser capabilities, the more we appreciate the bright trends of retro and pop-art designs.

Vintage elements, fonts, and textures bring back feelings of nostalgia; but what’s more important, they let a creative designer breathe a new shiny life into a website look and feel.

Here are 9 modern day tutorials to recreate an amazing design era.

1. 1960s Psychedelic Style Concert Poster

60's Psychedelic Style Concert Poster

The ’60’s were the kaleidoscope world that saw swirling patterns of colors and wavy typography. This tutorial shows how the use of the Warp Tool and applying texture can achieve a realistic psychedelic graphic design.

2. Wicked-Worn Vintage Pop-Art Design

Wicked-Worn Vintage Pop Art Design

This is a basic to intermediate tutorial that calls for real-life elements such as an old and dirty piece of paper. This tutorial shows how to achieve a "wear and tear" style that shouts vintage without having to ride a time machine.

3. Retro Pop Art

Retro Pop Art

Back in the day, half-tone dots and Ben-Day dots were heavily used to economically print comic books. This tutorial recreates the retro comic book style by implementing half-tone effects and big burst background that can get any graphic design into real retro action.

4. Abstract Retro-Pop Wallpaper

Abstract Retro-Pop Wallpaper

This tutorial sets you up to explore and learn some fun skills such as creating the familiar flowery retro abstract shapes, using transform and desaturate, and that familiar 3D vintage game effect. Tetris, anyone?

5. Retro Grunge Poster

Retro Grunge Poster

Eight steps are all it takes to rock a retro grunge design with this tutorial. Take note that grungy does not equate to dirty. This guide will teach you to use the pen tool and some textures to achieve the real "grunge" effect.

6. 1950s-Style Movie Poster

1950s-Style Movie Poster

A very friendly and entertaining lesson on how color, geometric shapes and text can bring back modern photos in "reel time." The point of this tutorial focuses on achieving authenticity and presenting maximum impact.

7. Sweet Old School Album Cover

Sweet Old School Album Cover

Your newest digital camera may be sweet but it surely doesn’t have the vintage sauce of old-school lomo cameras such as the Holga and the Diana. This tutorial shows how a pseudo cross processed method achieves that old yet groovy style.

8. B-Movie Poster Art

B-Movie Poster Art

Flying saucers, giant creatures, and invaders from Mars. Don’t you just love B movies that’ll make you crack up? You can bring this cinematic experience to your graphic design with the help of this tutorial. Learn how combining 3D renders with stylized photography, text and smoke emulates the 1950’s popcorn experience.

9. Make Your Own Pop Art

Make Your Own Pop Art

This five-page tutorial brings to light the birth of the consumer culture of the 1950’s. The era saw product posters and even soup cans make their way to the art galleries. Learn how to glorify mundane things using this style via layering, the Live Trace tool, filters and image selection.

Are there any great retro tutorials you are aware of? Please share them in the comments!

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