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9 Premium Flash Game Development Tutorials With Source Code


Once we created a roundup on flash game development tutorials, which our readers liked the most and due to their interest decided to create another post which will for sure help them in building flash games. All these tutorials are premium and you can get the source code for 1 or 2 dollars.

1. Build a Striking Breakout Game in Flash

Using the Flash drawing tools we’ll create a great looking graphic interface that will be powered by several straightforward ActionScript 3 classes. The user will be able to play through a series of levels and you, the developer, can easily add as many levels as you like!

Flash Brick Game

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/build-a-striking-breakout-game-in-flash/242912?ref=pelfusion”] Demo / Download [/button]

2. Awesome Flash BlackJack Game

In this Premium Tutorial, you’ll be building an amazing BlackJack game, from scratch, using Flash and AS3.

Flash BlackJack Game

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/awesome-flash-blackjack-game/242934?ref=pelfusion”] Demo / Download [/button]

3. Create a Slot Machine Game in Flash Using AS3

Let’s have a crack at building an entertaining Slot Machine game in Flash and AS3 . Spin the wheels and see what you could win!

Flash Slot Machine Game

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/create-a-slot-machine-game-in-flash-using-as3/222034?ref=pelfusion”] Demo / Download [/button]

4. Create a Space Shooter Game in Flash Using AS3

Follow the straight-forward steps of this Premium Tutorial to create an entertaining shoot-’em-up with Flash and AS3 .

Flash Space Shooter Game

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/create-a-space-shooter-game-in-flash-using-as3/242176?ref=pelfusion”] Demo / Download [/button]

5. Hangman Game in Flash Using ActionScript 3.0

Developing a game is must-have skill if you are a Flash Developer, it makes use of many different ActionScript methods and properties, plus you will have plenty of fun in the process! In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an advanced Hangman game using ActionScript 3.0.

Flash HangMan Game

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/hangman-game-in-flash-using-actionscript-30/132561?ref=pelfusion”] Demo / Download [/button]

6. Design and Develop a Flash Shooting Gallery Game

In this Tutorial, I’ll teach you how to combine several ActionScript 3 classes and skills to create a fantastic shooting gallery game.

Flash Shooting Gallery Game

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/design-and-develop-a-flash-shooting-gallery-game/132245?ref=pelfusion”] Demo / Download [/button]

7. Create an Epic War Game in Flash

Creating a game is definitely one of the most involved tasks in the world of programming. Even a small platformer can take a lot of time and effort to build.

Flash Epic War Game

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/create-an-epic-war-game-in-flash-part-1/132962?ref=pelfusion”] Demo / Download [/button]

8. Build an AS3 Tetris Game From the Ground Up

In this Active Premium tutorial we’ll be creating a variant of the classic Tetris game, explaining general game concepts as well as some specific to this genre.

Flash Tetris Game

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/build-an-as3-tetris-game-from-the-ground-up/178304?ref=pelfusion”] Demo / Download [/button]

9. Customizing Game Characters with Palette Mapping

In this flash tutorial author will show you how to use AS3 ‘s PaletteMap feature to create a character customization interface for your next game.

Flash Character Mapping

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/customizing-game-characters-with-palette-mapping/166629?ref=pelfusion”] Demo / Download [/button]

  • 9 Premium Flash Game Development Tutorials With Source Code
    [See the full post at: 9 Premium Flash Game Development Tutorials With Source Code]

  •  Art Saborio

    These are really cool games. Kind of like a throwback from fifteen to twenty years ago. Some of these games I remember playing on the old Atari 6400 systems. I think it is was 6400. Anyway, I had almost all of those Atari consoles. It is cool to see Flash development bringing some of these old games back. Thanks for the post.

  •  Jhon Ladero

    nice and cool tutorial games.. by the way ..did you also know on how to make a animation  that will move like fighting??


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